By Danielle Radin

LOS ANGELES (CBSLA) — Mayor Eric Garcetti sent a reminder out Tuesday that landlords in the City of Los Angeles cannot legally evict tenants if they are unable to pay rent because of COVID-19.

In a tweet, Garcetti said there are eviction protections for renters in place currently for the City of Los Angeles.

Last week, L.A. applied for some of the $25 billion that Congress approved for emergency rental assistance, Garcetti added. He said more federal support is needed urgently.

The reminder comes on the same day that a Los Angeles City Councilman introduced a plan to create 25,000 housing units by 2025 for people experiencing homelessness in Los Angeles.

Councilman Kevin de Leon’s “A Way Home” plan marks what the councilman calls “a first of its kind” strategy to offer a “clearly defined objective” in the effort to ease homelessness.

The Los Angeles County Department of Public Health Tuesday reported 11,994 newly confirmed coronavirus cases and 288 new deaths, bringing countywide totals to 944,319 cases and 12,674 deaths.

Tenants who need free legal assistance and live in the Los Angeles area can go here.