TUSTIN (CBSLA) — A Tustin restaurant was not taking any chances Monday when it came to protecting staff and customers from exposure to coronavirus.

Before customers are allowed to sit down for a meal at Sichuan Impression, a member of the waitstaff takes their temperature using an infrared thermometer. Anyone without a fever is then taken inside to their table.

“It helps to protect people, too, because it has to be done at some point if the disease is more widely spread,” Alex He, a diner, said. “It’s good for people.”

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Lily Lei, the owner of the restaurant, implemented the new policy at the end of January for all three locations — the one in Orange County as well as two in Los Angeles. The policy applies to both customers and staff.

So far, the owner said the majority of people have cooperated with the policy.

“They understand this is a protection for everybody here, my employee and all of the customers here,” Lei said. “They can enjoy lunch or dinner here.”

In addition to checking people for fevers before they enter the dining area, the restaurant has increased how often surfaces in the restaurant are sanitized. Tables, windows and door handles are wiped down with an alcohol spray several times per day.

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“I mean, when we were selecting places for lunch, this one comes up a lot because we appreciate the extra precautions that they’re taking,” Hailey Kamen, a diner, said. “Plus the food is absolutely delicious.”

The owner said there have been rare occasions when a customer has refused to be checked, and one time the thermometer said a man was running a slight fever. But, she said, a second reading a few minutes later came back normal.

“It’s nice they make us use hand sanitizer when we come in, and they check our temperature,” Elaine Kyle, a diner, said. “So it’s just a little extra precaution, which is nice.”

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  1. presscal says:

    See this on Drudge? Peruse, for more real California news, https://PressCalifornia.com

  2. Zephyr says:

    This is so stupid and does nothing to protect anyone. Not everyone with COVID-19 has a fever.

    1. Diego says:

      correct. They are simply feeding into the hysteria as a marketing ploy and actually creating a false sense of security for the other patrons. It takes more than simply taking someones temperature to screen them for the corona virus. The wait staff here have what training in medicine exactly? If they want to refuse to serve people they are risking discrimination lawsuits having wait staff making medical decision about who they are going to serve. Sounds like discrimination to me, especially when as stated you can transmit the disease without symptoms so this accomplishes absolutely nothing. Then you have the moronic media praising this stupidity.

  3. Bob says:

    Any first year medical student knows that 98.6 is just an average. One person could have a normal temperature of 97.8 yet have a fever at 98.6. Another person may have a naturally higher normal temperature of 99.0 and be refused service, shunned, and accused of trying to kill everyone in the restaurant.

    Hyper vigilance does nothing but further the nation’s paranoia.

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