MONTEBELLO (CBSLA) — The beloved family-owned Broguiere’s Dairy in Montebello’s has appeared to have closed its doors.

(credit: Facebook)

Signs saying “Sorry we’re closed until further notice” could be seen hanging at the dairy Tuesday, indicating the closure may finally be official.

Owner Ray Broguiere announced the impending closure earlier this year, citing strict California regulations as part of the reason the small business would be closing.

In a Facebook post, the wife of a Broguiere employee shared that her husband showed up for work on Sunday morning, only to learn the dairy would be closing its doors.

Rumors of the expected closure circulated social media earlier this year when Retailers like Gelson’s Markets, who had carried the dairy’s products for residents across SoCal tweeted out, “We are very sad to report that #BroguieresDairy will be permanently shutting down operations after 100 years of serving Los Angeles customers. As of May 23rd we will no longer receive shipments of their famous milk.”

Broguiere’s did not immediately confirm the suspected closure in May 2019, but rumors were put to rest when they made their last shipments to stores around Southern California and sold out of their chocolate milk.

The Facebook post stated it was known throughout the company that Broguiere was looking to retire.

“I’ve been coming to this property every day for 73 years,” Broguiere said back in May. “I’ve been coming to work every day since I got out of high school when I was a kid.”

The dairy has served the Los Angeles area for 100 years.


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