MONTEBELLO (CBSLA) — Southern California’s iconic Broguiere’s Dairy Farm in Montebello may be stopping production in the near future.

The dairy that produces some SoCal local’s favorite chocolate milk and seasonal eggnog is shutting down after 100 years of serving the Los Angeles area.

Retailers like Gelson’s Markets who have carried the dairy’s products for residents across SoCal took to social media saying, “We are very sad to report that #BroguieresDairy will be permanently shutting down operations after 100 years of serving Los Angeles customers. As of May 23rd we will no longer receive shipments of their famous milk.”

This is not the first time the dairy has faced the possibility of closing.

A few years back, the city wanted to build an overpass in the same area as the dairy, but the community came together and put a stop to the proposed plan.

Some local’s are hoping they are able to save the dairy from closing once again.

Luis Herrera told CBSLA’s Chris Holmstrom that he’s been coming to Broguire’s Dairy Farm since he was a kid.

“I got introduced to the milk the chocolate milk it goes to a lot of the local schools the kids have all grown up with it so we all know it,” said Herrera. “The owner is just old, he’s older. What was explained to me that they just can’t deal with the new legislation and there’s nobody to take over the business.”

Herrara and other locals are hoping they can work together to keep the Montebello staple around for future generations.

It wasn’t immediately known when exactly the dairy would be closing.

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  1. Daniella Crigler says:

    Good for the poor cows that are just used and abused. Milk causes mucus in your body, you drink all the hormones and antibiotics given to cows.

    1. Pam Bradley says:

      Everything in your comment is ignorant and uninformed. This dairy is not abusive, the old wives tale about milk and mucus is long disproven, and not all dairies give RBST and even label the bottles as being RBST free.

  2. Lynn Witt says:

    huell howser would be furious. another business closing due to calif anti-business climate.

  3. Angel Guzman says:

    You guys didn’t even call the dairy. Cause they would have told you they aren’t closing.

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