MONTEBELLO (CBSLA) — The squeeze of California regulations is forcing beloved Montebello dairy Broguiere’s, known for its glass-bottled chocolate milk and egg nog, to shut down.

As the news of Broguiere’s impending closure spread, helped along by a social media post from Gelson’s Markets, owner Ray Broguiere says the sadness he’s heard from loyal customers is bittersweet.

“It really makes you feel good, what they say,” Broguiere said. “But at the same time, it makes you feel sad.”

Broguiere’s last day has not been finalized, but the dairy confirmed they have already made their last shipments to stores around Southern California and have sold out of their chocolate milk. Broguiere says he followed his grandfather around to learn the business, which has been around for 99 years.

“I’ve been coming to this property every day for 73 years,” Broguiere said. “I’ve been coming to work every day since I got out of high school when I was a kid.”

But doing business in California has become tougher for small businesses like his. He is not only having trouble competing with large corporations, Broguiere’s is getting choked by more and more government regulations.

(credit: CBS)

“The state, county, city,” he said. “It’s hard to do business if you’re in manufacturing.”

The community, which rallied to save the dairy a few years ago from being replaced by a freeway overpass, is devastated by the news.

“I said, ‘no, they’re just rumors,’” customer Carmen Calderon said. “But it’s reality. The whole community is heartbroken.”

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  1. David Valdez says:

    say its not true!

  2. Esa Van Dusen Snow says:

    I’m curious if this farm, ABC 7, or this community who is “heartbroken” would like to understand and/ or report on the horrors of the dairy industry?

    1. Esa Van Dusen Snow says:

      *CBS News

    2. figures, another ‘vegan’ terrorist inflicting their ecomaggot agenda on the world….these maggots won’t quit until they destroy the entire planet.

  3. Carl Swanson says:

    Is it “California regulations” driving them out of business, or is it their inability or unwillingness to abide by regulations?

    What are the specific regulations to which the story refers? There is no mention of them in the article.

    1. John Regalado Jr. says:

      It’s not that hard to find the facts on line if you really want to know. The dairy mentioned here has been in existence for 99 years. New regulations are forcing them out….specifically those which relate to “cow farts”.

  4. Rex Saylor says:

    Glad Swanson and V D Snow are not in my neighborhood.

  5. Jay Hocker says:

    I see this as good news! I don’t like dairy, it pollutes too much. By the way, where is the proof the dairy is correct? Maybe they’re bad at running a business so they can’t understand the law, and the law isn’t unduly burdensome.

  6. Ron Chan says:

    “i don’t like dairy” Well, i’m happy for you, and i’m glad you and i both live in a country where you can hate dairy, but i don’t like kale or asparagus or broccoli for that matter. does that mean we should outlaw or force those producers out too? What a bunch of cow dung. yes COW dung.not chicken sh-t, not rodent feces, or migratory eastern spotted turtle cr@p.
    COW! just cause i wanted to. and in the usa, i still can (for now, at least).

    for the record, kale gives me gas (believe me, greenhouse, ozone depleting, global warming gas) asparagus, well, you know what it does, and broccoli just creeps me out. oh, and cauliflower, yuck.

  7. Elaine Pfund says:

    While California ‘leadership’ enforces enough bureaucratic demands on business to shut them down, that same ‘leadership’ does not take reasonable action to enforce sanitation requirements to limit diseases such as typhus. Dealing with homelessness, allowing public urination, defecation, neighborhood garbage piles, health hazards to the entire region, should be their priority, instead of putting out of business someone who provides jobs and drink.

    1. Ron Chan says:

      thank you Elaine, i agree, ca “leadership” spends far, far too much of our tax dollars and their time and energies caring about collecting cow farts, whether or not i use a plastic straw and even more energy tryng to force me out of my car, tax drinking water and put a high rise apartment building next door to my house and don’t get me started on “high speed rail”.

      All of those energies and tax dollars should have been spent on things that are so much more important.

  8. Mark DuFouet says:

    . . . freeway overpass?? NOT!! How difficult was it for the reporter to Google Broguieres Dairy overpass? I am going to stop watching the news on CBS.

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