Live Storm Updates | Latest Evacuations and Closures 

MALIBU (CBSLA) — Mandatory evacuations were ordered for several areas of Malibu and Ventura County hit hard by the Woolsey Fire that are now in danger of mudslides.

Los Angeles County sheriff’s deputies went door-to-door Tuesday to tell residents they should get out before the next round of rain hits Southern California Tuesday. Heavy rainfall sent mud and debris into the lanes of Pacific Coast Highway, causing it to be closed for several hours.

Authorities are particularly concerned with areas near steep slopes or drainage areas.

In Malibu, mandatory evacuations were ordered for: Corral Canyon/El Nido, Escondido/Old Chimney, Escondido Drive/Latigo Canyon, Malibu West/Trancas Canyon, Malibou Lake, all of Ramirez Canyon Road and adjacent streets and the Paradise Cove Mobile Home Park and Restaurant.

Malibu’s four public schools were also closed Tuesday.

In Ventura County, several neighborhoods were evacuated including: Bell Canyon, Oak Park (specific homes adjacent to the hillsides),
unincorporated Thousand Oaks, Sage Mountain Senior Living Facility, South Coast of Ventura County/Community of Malibu, Matilija / Wheeler Springs / North fork (extending along Oso Road) and residences east of Highway 33/Casitas Springs.

Voluntary evacuations were in effect for Ventura City and La Conchita.

Meanwhile, in Burbank, mandatory evacuations were effect for Country Club Drive above Via Montana in the La Tuna Fire burn area.

Evacuations centers were set up at the Agoura Hills/Calabasas Community Center, 27040 Malibu Hills Road in Agoura, and at Santa Monica High School’s South Gym, 601 Pico Blvd. in Santa Monica. Large animals that need shelter will be accepted at Pierce College, 6201 Winnetka Ave., in Woodland Hills, and the Hansen Dam Equestrian Center, 11127 Orcas Avenue, in Lakeview Terrace.

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  1. Dan Brower says:

    Do you think the people of CA will ever wise up to the bad policies of the Democrats regarding the forests??

  2. daizeez says:

    This state is an absolute disaster. Is there any recurring disaster that they have actually successfully used federal money to prevent?

  3. Greg Donovan says:

    It seems that if you need a stable, quiet home life, Malibu is not the place to go.

  4. David Berriman says:

    Wait, mountains aren’t supposed to have mudslides. Why, this must be Trump’s fault or the result of man-made climate change.

  5. Joel Hammer says:

    Well, time to raise taxes to fight mudslides.

    1. Dan Purcell says:

      Excuse me, mudslides have rights too.

  6. Dan Purcell says:

    Now where will limousine liberals congregate in great number…and can the plebes use their abandoned beaches now?

  7. Saw this on Drudge. Went to for more real California news.

  8. Iain Clodagh says:

    CA has 3 seasons.



    Been that way since forever

    1. Elena George says:

      You forgot “earthquake” season…

  9. It’s sanctuary mud, you have to let it in you racist pigs.

  10. John Forester says:

    Could care less; I hope the whole state cracks and falls into the Pacific in my lifetime… it will definitely rid us of the scourge of Liberalism and 3rd world leeches

  11. Joseph Dominic Matulonis says:

    Policies of California are now rearing their ugly head. Policies such as legalization of spreading HIV are starting to affect the state, The devil has moved in..and he is not leaving until God is allowed back in the state.

  12. Timothy Michael Ritchie says:

    Dry it out, burn it down, wash it away…The only thing missing is an earthquake.

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