By CBSLA Staff

EASTVALE (CBSLA) — Some support for President Donald Trump in the Inland Empire is waning as others are standing by the president following his historic second impeachment.

Trump was charged with incitement of an insurrection by the Congress on Wednesday for his actions leading up to and during a riot at the U.S. Capitol last week.

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It was an emotional moment for many local Trump supporters, considering the president won in many Inland Empire communities in 2016.

Michael Timmons, an Eastvale resident who once supported the president, says since the election, Trump has gone too far too many times.

“It makes me kind of embarrassed. It reflects poorly on us as a nation to the rest of the world and it makes me sad,” Timmons said. “I think everything that he did accomplish is gonna be lost.”

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Daniel Wenzel, another Eastvale resident, says he does not support the violence that took place at the Capitol and led up to five deaths, but that impeaching Trump is coming too late.

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“There’s people that go to work every day and put their life on the line to keep our process running and they just complicated those people’s lives,” Wenzel said. “It’s spiteful, vengeful and just doesn’t really make any sense… the last one cost a lot of money for nothing and just fueled the fire.”

Others disagreed, and said they were in favor of Trump getting impeached.

“He deserved this one,” Jurupa Valley resident Luis McDonald said.

McDonald said Trump’s recent message to Americans asking to “move forward, united” is four years too late, and that his impeachment was necessary.

“You’ve got to pursue it because that’ll make the next president, Biden included and everybody else, know that you just can’t do an insurgence against the United States,” McDonald said.

After the Congressional vote to impeach, the Senate would have to move to convict Trump.

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An announcement from Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell is shedding some light on what may happen next after saying he won’t bring the Senate back early. That means the trial won’t take place until President Donald Trump has already left office. McConnell said he has not yet decided how he will vote.