HUNTINGTON BEACH (CBSLA) — Two YouTubers went to Huntington Beach to hand out free masks to beachgoers during the coronavirus pandemic.

The video titled “Solving the Mask Shortage in Huntington Beach” has been viewed more than 1.9 million times.

Chad Kroeger and JT Parr started out the video saying, “Guys, we have a cure for the mask shortage.” They were holding a big sign that said “Free Masks” and a box of masks as they walked near the beach.

They got turned down by multiple people, who under Orange County guidelines, should be wearing face coverings at all times in public. One man also appeared to want to fight them and they responded, “We’re not trying to fight anyone. We just want to hand out masks.”

“It is interesting how people interpreted it as a personal judgment,” Kroeger said.

Kroeger, who surfs and eats in Huntington Beach frequently, said he noticed many people weren’t wearing face coverings and thought one way to approach the issue would be to hand them out at no cost since his friend had a free supply.

Kroeger and Parr are behind the comedy YouTube channel, Chad Goes Deep, that posted the mask video. They admit being initially doubtful about the effectiveness of masks but took it more seriously after a friend who refused to wear one tested positive for coronavirus.

“At this point, we don’t want that to happen to anyone else,” Kroeger said.

The pair said as soon as they get an additional supply of masks, they’re going to try to give them away in San Clemente.

RELATED: Orange County Reports 911 New Coronavirus Cases, 20 Additional Deaths

Orange County health officials reported 911 additional coronavirus cases and 20 new cases on Wednesday. To date, the countywide total is now at 27,031 cases and 455 deaths.

Several videos have shown confrontations over face masks in various parts of the country. In Los Angeles, a maskless Trader Joe’s shopper called people telling her to wear a mask “Democratic pigs.” A security guard who authorities say shot a man outside a Gardena store — after they fought over him not wearing a mask — was charged with murder. Elsewhere in Florida, a man was seen on video shouting in the store after reportedly being asked why he was not wearing a face covering, as required at all Costco locations.

The Centers for Disease Control recommends wearing clean cloth face coverings in public settings where other physical distancing measures are difficult to maintain. Many counties, including Los Angeles County and Orange County, have also issued their own guidelines requiring the use of masks in public.

The CDC on Tuesday affirmed that the latest research shows face coverings as a tool that can be used to help prevent the spread of coronavirus.

“We are not defenseless against COVID-19,” said CDC Director Dr. Robert R. Redfield. “Cloth face coverings are one of the most powerful weapons we have to slow and stop the spread of the virus – particularly when used universally within a community setting. All Americans have a responsibility to protect themselves, their families, and their communities.”

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  1. harris9513 says:

    This is totally confrontational because 99% of people they are approaching are NOT within 6 feet of anyone and do not NEED to be wearing masks! Someone sitting alone on an out of the way bench does NOT need to be wearing a mask! Stop harassing people!

    1. Regina says:

      Your comment makes no sense at all. a) asking people if they want a mask is NOT confrontational. b) people move around and they WILL be within 6 feet of other people when doing so. c) this is not harassment, it’s common sense. d) it shows just how stupid, callous and careless people are – including you. You should go visit the hospital and see the desperation in the eyes of those dying from this virus. You are a moron.

      1. Paul J says:

        You could not be more right. What is wrong with all these people! They should have a mask protester convention that goes on for a month before anyone is allowed to leave, by the end they’ll either be proven immune, recovered, hospitalized, or dead.

  2. Trick says:

    The two boys have been drinkin the kool-aid. It ain’t about the virus, it’s about control of the sheeple

    1. Stunned says:

      You are another moron. A mask does not make anyone a sheep, but sheep refuse to wear masks and pretend that they are immune, or believe in an invisible Sky God and think he’ll protect them instead.

      1. Richard Pope says:

        Science shows that a strong immune system s necessary and SUFFICIENT to protect against covid19. All public officials International, Federal, state, and local are grossly negligent in failing to tell people to supplement with vitamin D3 minimum 5,000 IUs, more for a few daysto ramp up. Plenty of science behind that. Effective, safe, cheap. Vitamin C / zinc / elderberry lozenges kill newly acquires virus particles in the throat before they get into your lungs. (Cold-Eze works well, too, but it has disappeared). The science about masks is very weak for reventing and spreading. But government always goes for the controversial, the expensive, the difficult, and the ineffective. If they want to spend money, how about installing UV lights everywhere – proven for many decades to very effectively kill germs.

  3. Planet Clownfish Brain says:

    Only harassing white people betrays the agenda.

  4. james corridan says:

    People not within 20 feet of anybody are harassed by these two smart ass punks ..Notice how no black or hispanic residents ? They’d kick their butts

    1. Los Angles says:

      Stupid conjecture, irrelevant and inaccurate. You just don’t like being shown how utterly stupid you are, so these guys are “smart ass punks” (attack the messenger, a pathetic fallacy used for a weak argument). Notice how dumb you are? You have NO IDEA who they approached, and made false assumptions (about everything). Moreover, your conjecture is 100% totally irrelevant (utter garbage). Momma must have dropped you on your head when you were little, addled your brain, and now you sound like a real idiot.

    2. Jeff Bright says:

      This video show just how brain dead most people are. Staggeringly selfish, arrogant, hateful, full of themselves, indifferent to the need to protect their own selves and others, totally uncaring on how many people will die. It will be hundreds of thousands, if not millions before this is over – precisely because of these kinds of people. Too lazy, too selfish and too arrogant to give a god damn about anybody but themselves (and they’re doing a very poor job of that too). Rather sad, but it shows just how stupid Americans have become. Brain dead stupid. Bone head stupid. Stupid to the point where they would rather kill themselves then wear a mask when necessary and prudent. It’s just too bad that the stupid ones like they are not the only ones to die. They should be arrested, prosecuted and charged (jailed) to put an end to this rabid stupidity. Start with first-time fines of $1,000, 2nd offense $2,500 and 3rd offense mandatory 30 days in jail and $5000 fine. After that, we should just declare open season on “stupid”.

      1. Dan Austin says:

        Jeff Bright: I’m a US citizen staying in Malaysia. Malaysia is one of the many countries that is doing massively better than the US in handling the virus. Out of a population of 32 million in Malaysia, there has been a total of 122 deaths from the virus, and only one death in the last several weeks. The number of new infections is in the single digits per day, and most of them are foreigners.

        This proves what you are saying. It is the behavior of people who are causing the virus to spread. Millions of people in the US can’t or won’t connect their behavior to the spread of the virus. The difference between zero deaths per day and a thousand deaths per day is not the president, governor, or mayor — it is 100% due to people acting like morons spreading the virus.

        It is a simple fact that if people stayed isolated from each other for 2 weeks that the number of new infections would go to ZERO. People are so stupid that they can’t grasp that. So in the US we get over 70,000 new infections in one day instead of zero — 100% of them due to stupidity.

  5. Hugh Jorgen says:

    dropping dong

  6. Milla Kramer says:

    The media has way way WAY over hyped the usefulness of a fabric face mask. “Journalists” need to go put on their cotton masks and grind some fiberglass. Then come back to us after you get your lungs replaced and tell us how useful they must be against a virus. And yes we all know “ACHKTUALLY it’s to protect others”. No, it doesn’t. And if you really believe that, you WILL spread the the virus. It reduces the distance you can cough at someone. You still create the particles. They don’t get captured. And the next person to walk through your area will get to breath them in. All fabric masks do is keep dopes busy so they don’t put more demand on N95.

    1. Dan Austin says:

      Then please explain how a country can have thousands of times lower infection rates than in the US and they also use masks whenever they are in public?

      Do you realize that if people stayed isolated from each other for two weeks that the number of new infections would go to zero, instead of tens of thousands per day?

      Can you grasp the simple fact that it is people who keep insisting on mixing without protection that is infecting tens of thousands more people per day?

      Please let us know if you can understand that people are spreading the virus by their behavior, and that if they modified their behavior the virus would stop spreading.

      1. RIchard Pope says:

        The disease is only contagious to those with weak immune systems. THEY should be quarantining themselves and going Warp Speed to build their immune systems. Even chemotherapy patients can help themselves. Mu daughter returned to work after chemo in a nursing home – a number of her staff got covid, She did not. She has never been sick for 30 years on the job, where patients are sick all the time. Why? Supplements. Even her chemo doctor approved every one of them.. Those with strong immune systems neither catch nor spread the disease. How about we all take responsibility for our own health by eating healthy food instead of junk, and take necessary supplements, exercise, rest, and practice some gratitude instead of hate or resentment. The information on good health is widely and freely available, and backed by plenty of science and millions of people reporting good results. But don’t look to main stream medicine for secrets like this. They are mostly 30 to 60 years behind the science.

  7. Jack McCready says:

    A “Social Media Influencer”.Is that anything like a job?

  8. Paul Velte says:

    I hope those two enjoy the tan lines those masks make. Stupid boys. Masks don’t stop a virus. They do increase your blood pressure by limiting oxygen, not to mention hypercapnia.

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