LOS ANGELES (CBSLA) — Across Los Angeles on Saturday night, there were scenes of illegal fireworks throughout the city in celebration of the Fourth of July.

The Los Angeles Police Department reported more than 1,000 complaints submitted online as of 10:05 p.m.

Police said they also had to hold dozens of 911 calls due to the lines getting clogged up, and apologized for the delays throughout the night.

Residents are being urged to only call 911 for emergencies and to use this online complaint form for reports of illegal fireworks.

“We ask that you please not call 911 for illegal fireworks unless someone is hurt or there is a fire. You are tying up 911 for other life-threatening emergencies,” a tweet from LAPD’s Communications Division said.

The tweet continued, “As of this post, we’re holding nearly 50 calls on 911 and over 170 on non-emergency.”

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  1. R Parton says:

    If only the people would show this type of solidarity in rejecting face masks.

  2. wpsahm says:

    Finally, signs of Americans out of California.

  3. What can the police do??? Heck, hundreds of thousands of low lifes are lighting those illegal fireworks. How about US authorities can the problem at the border. At port of entry for Chinese goods and at the Mexican Border. That, IS the problem.
    Do not allow illegal fireworks into the US. Period.

  4. Victor says:

    So did the LAPD do anything about it? NO, as usual!

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