ATWATER VILLAGE (CBSLA) — Hugo’s Tacos in Atwater Village has opted to close temporarily after it says its employees have been accosted by customers refusing to honor the mask mandate.

A sign posted on its window stated in part:

“Our Taco stands are exhausted by the constant conflicts over guests refusing to wear masks. Staff have been harassed, called numerous names, and had objects and liquids thrown at them.”

The notice went on to say that the location would be “taking a break to recharge,” but that other locations would remain open.

Hugo’s Taco has indicated that its Atwater Village location is taking a break to recharge. (credit: CBS)

Hugo’s Tacos is the latest entity experiencing backlash from customers over mask mandates.

On Saturday, a shopper at a North Hollywood Trader Joe’s was filmed having an angry outburst after being told to wear a mask inside the store. The incident was caught on cellphone video and shared widely on social media, garnering more than seven million views as of Saturday night.

Right now, 31 states do not mandate that people wear masks when out in public; 19 states, including California, do.

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  1. Scott B says:

    The young blonde woman throwing a fit in Trader Joes over a mask request claims to have a breathing problem but, it appears she is breathing well enough to scream and shout at every one for quite some time. I call BS on this woman and challenge her to supply a doctors order not to wear a mask for breathing problems or STFU .

    1. Bruce Walker says:

      And by federal law she don’t have to show you or anyone else, she is protected under the Handicap with disability’s act

      1. Some Nerd says:

        Bruce, you nearly recited that word-for word from the text on those phony cards that were making the rounds! If a business requires masks, they have every right to refuse service to those not in compliance. If you can’t handle wearing a mask, maybe you should go back to sleeping in a crib

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