LOS ANGELES (CBSLA) — The National Guard is being deployed to several Southern California cities to assist local police departments as unrest and violence worsen in the region.

Protests emerged as a call for justice following the death of George Floyd in Minneapolis and other African Americans across the country.

Peaceful demonstrations were seen nationwide, while separate groups responded violently through looting and destruction of property.

For complete coverage of the situation in Minneapolis visit CBSMinnesota.com and stream CBSN Minnesota

The mayors of Long Beach, Los Angeles and Santa Monica requested the help of National Guard troops in their respective cities and received approval from California Gov. Gavin Newsom.

At least a dozen cities in Orange County, Los Angeles County and San Bernardino County have also issued curfews as looting and fires continued into Sunday.

“Millions of people are lifting their voices in anger — rightfully outraged at the systemic racism that persists in America,” Newsom said on Twitter on Saturday. “Our state and nation must build from this moment — united and more resolved than ever — to address the reality of racism and its root causes.”

The last time the National Guard patrolled the streets of L.A. was during the 1992 riots after police officers were acquitted in the beating of African-American Rodney King.

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