LOS ANGELES (CBSLA) —  A state of emergency was declared in Los Angeles County on Saturday night amid days of unrest following the death of George Floyd in Minneapolis.

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Los Angeles Mayor Eric Garcetti also announced that the National Guard will be deployed to the city of Los Angeles overnight “to maintain peace and safety.”

Garcetti initially said on Saturday afternoon during a press conference that it was unlikely the National Guard would be called. Instead, he implored citizens to practice non-violent protesting.

Hours after his press conference as crowds continued to gather across the city, Garcetti announced that California Gov. Gavin Newsom approved his request to send in 500-700 National Guard troops to help keep order in the city.

In addition to calling on the military, the city of Los Angeles has also mobilized its entire police department as part of its response strategy for the first time since the major earthquakes of 1994 and 1995.

Thousands of people took the streets in downtown L.A. for the fourth day in a row on Saturday for peaceful protests against police brutality that later took a violent turn, leading to looting and fires across the city and neighboring areas.

Several cities across SoCal have issued curfews to keep crowds off the streets, including in Beverly Hills, West Hollywood, Culver City and Pasadena, where a local state of emergency was also declared.

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  1. mandyfard says:

    This is a sad day in Los Angeles. Having a curfew during these turbulent times… We need to unite before we can get out of this mess… How can we get out of this mess so undivided… Prayers for peace…

  2. Alex E says:

    Got to love the disparities in enforcement. Beverly Hills supposedly has a curfew but officers passed more than half a dozen cars on the road; DTLA however…

  3. John Jupiter says:

    Start Shooting and Killing these so called Protesters,,,,,,,they are only there to Steal and Loot.

  4. John Steele says:

    Thousands of people took the streets in downtown L.A. for the fourth day in a row on Saturday for peaceful protests against police .. ?????

    Peaceful ?? Fake News.. It’s a freakin Riot dudes and the 6,000 felons that the idiot sheriff released are now back at it..All those Illegal aliens that Garrcetti coddles are burning down his city and looting it .. Those folks who bought firearms last month are lucky.. They are going to have to use them as the Po-Po will retreat like they did in 1992 and leave you on your own…

    IF it was peaceful .. Why then are the Po-Po and national Guard being deployed en-mass

  5. Dave Schere says:

    This is way too organised across the country to be random.

    I also find it strange that people who don’t live in the city are the ones doing the burning. So whats the slogan of these suburbanites? I’ve come to burn the urban man’s business and homes down to protest police violence … against an urban dweller?

    Welcome to a reality TV show sequel to the 2006 movie Idiocracy.

    1. Ava lanni says:

      This is all the doings of George”Satan” Soros who backs$$ for Antifa. He wants to bring USA to its knees.The only thing people will remember about poor Floyd are these lootings.

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