SANTA ANA (CBSLA) — The Orange County Board of Supervisors approved a mandate Tuesday requiring face coverings for employees in multiple types of retail businesses during the coronavirus pandemic.

Beginning Friday, the face coverings will be required for employees who interact with the public in grocery, pharmacy and convenience stores, as well as gas stations, restaurants, and other locations where food is prepared.

A proposal to require face coverings for workers of essential businesses was rejected two weeks ago for lack of support. But it is under consideration again after Orange County’s chief health officer, Dr. Nichole Quick, issued a recommendation “strongly encouraging” face coverings for workers at essential businesses that remain open during the coronavirus pandemic.

Support for face masks and coverings is growing throughout the county. Supervisor Doug Chaffee has called on workers in drug and grocery stores to wear face coverings, while Westminster’s interim city manager, Sherry Johnson, has issued an order mandating them at essential businesses with four or more employees and have come in contact with the public.

In Costa Mesa, city officials have required face coverings for essential businesses, and its City Council with consider ratifying it their meeting Tuesday night. Irvine has also mandated that retail store workers wear face coverings and compel their customers to do the same.

The board also considered closing its public golf courses until further notice, and a temporary closure of beaches with temperatures forecast to rise into the 80s and 90s this week but the motion did not pass. The move comes as Riverside and Ventura counties ease their outdoor restrictions.

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  1. Rich Tanner says:

    I live here in Newport Beach / Costa Mesa. We should be opening up our beaches to those in the inner city and valleys. Families, dads and moms with children need some relief from the heat in the inner valleys.

    We are not going to get a disease, unless you are elderly with preexisting diseases. If you are vulnerable, then isolate yourself, not me!

    This “disease” is basically a no-show. The figures do not lie but liars sure can figure! They feel a right to change the number of the dead, if they believe at least a small percentage of their death involved COVID-19!

  2. Puma says:

    Everyone in Orange County should be protesting these ridiculous policies. There is no scientific evidence the masks work. This is more control by the government. Orange Count is not LA or San Diego we should be the front runners and standing up against this useless state of California. This is what the left wants to be lazy and walk around naked all day. GTFOH!! F you governor.

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