HUNTINGTON BEACH (CBSLA) – Some residents in Huntington Beach are joining protesters in Michigan, Ohio, Kentucky and other states in calling on officials to reopen for business.

The “March For Freedom” took place Friday afternoon near 126 Main Street, where supporters were urged to wear red, white and blue and “bring your flags, signs and voices.”

Roughly 100 people were on hand just after 1 p.m, some holding signs reading “Stop the shutdown” and “COVID-19 is a lie”.

One of those protesters, Paula Doyle, 62, of Costa Mesa, held a “Live Free or Die” sign and told reporters that the measures put into place in California were killing business.

“I just want to go back to normal,” she said. “I don’t think there’s a reason for this.”

No arrests were made during the rally, which lasted about two hours, according to Huntington Beach police Office Angela Bennett.

The rally didn’t appear to be as large as other protests in Michigan and other states, which drew thousands of protesters earlier this week who called upon their respective governors to end the stay-at-home order in those states.

The protest comes as Huntington Beach officials extended city closures to all metered parking along Pacific Coast Highway to discourage visitors after the warm weather drew people out to the beach Thursday in violation of the stay-at-home order.

Small business owners in the area have complained the closures have discouraged patrons and are adversely impacting their operations.

But some experts have warned that lifting stay-at-home orders too early could lead to an uptick in COVID-19 cases and flare-ups in areas where the outbreak has eased.

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  1. rich tanner says:

    It is about time!

  2. Geltaud says:

    Lift stay at home too soon & we could be asking for trouble. Rise in cases. It is tempting to think we’re in the clear but… beware

  3. Daren Griffin says:

    We need to open, people have to have the right to work and provide for themselves.

  4. dap says:

    These people are really dumb, if California reopens the cases of coronavirus will rise, the state will end up like New York.

  5. time to die says:

    Open. Note those who go out. If they get sick they are not allowed in the hospital.

  6. Common.Sense.From.A.Common.Guy says:

    Got to love these asinine people, like the one holding a sign that says Covid 19 is a lie while in full PPE gear from head to toe. Would you like to have the government allow people to open for business right now just to close in a couple weeks cause the massive growth of infected and lose many more people (potential customers for said businesses) and cause them to close down for an extremely long period of time or stay closed for a reasonable albeit lengthy amount of time and open up safely when its under control?
    Well like this has happened time and time again we will get see in a few weeks how many got the virus along with how many died that attended this and yet people will continue to protest this and fight it instead of accepting that we are all in this together and our best defense against something we have no cure for is to limit peoples exposure so why not stay home, stay safe, and respect people when it comes to social distancing.

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