LOS ANGELES (CBSLA) — Fast food workers across the state went on strike Thursday to get help during the coronavirus crisis.

The job action was prompted by a worker from a South LA McDonald’s testing positive for coronavirus. Employees of that location have been staging a drive-thru protest all week, and news emerged Thursday of a third McDonald’s employee testing positive for coronavirus.

Workers in their cars, carrying signs that said “McDonald’s: Supersized Health Risk” and “Workers Health Is Public Health,” crowded the drive-thru of one location. When the LAPD cleared the protesters from the location for blocking the driveway, they moved to a Monterey Park location.

Fast food restaurant workers in the Bay Area also joined the strike, walking out on the job Thursday. Workers at Amazon and Instacart have also been demanding more protection and pay for their work during the outbreak.

Workers want full pay if their restaurants are closed because of a positive coronavirus test, $3 an hour of hazard pay, and access to masks, gloves and soap.

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  1. joe says:

    just deport them most are illegal anyways

  2. Go ahead and strike. I am sure there are ten employees to your one that would love to take your place.

  3. make that ten laid off McDonald’s employee’s that would love to take your place.

  4. TyraT says:

    $3 an hour for hazard pay doesn’t sound like a whole lot, guys. Can we help these workers please?

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