LOS ANGELES (CBSLA) – A flight attendant for Korean Air who worked several flights out of Los Angeles International Airport has been diagnosed with coronavirus.

The 24-year-old was diagnosed Tuesday in southern Seoul, according to the Korea Joongang Daily newspaper.

The flight attendant had worked flights between LAX and Seoul–Incheon International Airport on Feb. 19 and 20, according to South Korean media outlets.

The woman also serviced a flight from Tel Aviv, Israel, to Seoul on Feb. 15, South Korea’s Center for Disease Control said. She may have contracted the virus from a South Korean church group who were on a pilgrimage to Israel, the Yonghap News Agency reports.

So far, 30 members of that church group have been diagnosed with coronavirus, according to South Korean health authorities.

Korean Air has closed its operations center at Incheon Airport in order to disinfect the area.

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Meanwhile, a 23-year-old U.S. soldier stationed at Camp Carroll in South Korea has also tested positive for coronavirus, U.S. Forces Korea (USFK) confirmed in a statement Tuesday.

He has been quarantined off-base.

“Korea Centers for Disease Control and Prevention and USFK health professionals are actively conducting contact tracing to determine whether any others may have been exposed,” USFK said.

On Tuesday, concerns over the spread of the coronavirus forced organizers to postpone the Korea Times Music Festival at the Hollywood Bowl.

According to the Yonghap News Agency, South Korea has 1,261 confirmed coronavirus cases, including 12 deaths.

According to the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, the novel coronavirus, COVID-19, is spread from person-to-person through close contact, usually within 6 feet, and mainly via respiratory droplets when an infected person coughs or sneezes. Symptoms include fever, cough and shortness of breath. People are likely most contagious when they are most symptomatic.

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  1. Paul says:

    So there is a test for the Coronavirus? OK, then let the airline foot the bill for all flight attendants and pilots in every airline to be tested weekly for the virus. The plane is a highly contagious environment with the circulated air.

    1. Linds says:

      There is no way to know for up to 12 days if you have the virus. During that time you can spread it unknowingly.

    2. Eric Simpson says:

      Better yet, BAN FLIGHTS FROM KOREA. And the two other countries with active growing outbreaks: Japan, Italy.

      We do that or we WILL get infected. Our choice.

      1. Peter Berg says:

        Probably too late to stop the spread. The time to ban flights from hotspots was when the very first cases popped up and that would only have worked if everyone banned flights. If only we did it they would fly from Korea to Japan and get on a flight originating there to fly to New York or LA. Western democracies do not have the will to act quickly and decisively in situations like this. The PC globalist would go nuts and the greedy international corporations would as well.

  2. Len Gostkowski says:

    The worst case scenario looks like this. A 2-3% death rate applied against maximum propagation could could mean more dead from this one tragic plague that died in all American wars combined.
    It will be a culling of the herd – the older and weaker appear to be the most likely to die. Once it runs its course, things should pick up quickly.
    One can always hope that the authorities and health care professionals can slow or possibly even stop the advance. If not, I can’t it being for lack of effort.

    1. Septuatis says:

      Problem is if your healthy you have a higher risk of death too because it’s your own immune response that makes to drown in your mucus filled lungs. Same thing happened with Spanish flu.

    2. Oliver W homey says:

      3 years ago 80,000 people died in the US from the flu that season that the shots missed. While it is bad/sad, 98% of most people barely know they have it and those that are already sick, elderly with medical issues are the ones at risk, but no more so than with the regular flu, this is just spread very easily.

    3. Well, I best get the best steak and potatoes tomorrow. My best days are behind me! …What can I say

    4. atthemurph says:

      Your numbers are way off. The mortality rates that are being reported for corona are simply wrong.

      The fraction being reported is: number dead / number dead + number who have the virus + number who are cured. This does not give us the mortality rate because it includes those people currently infected and we do not know how many of them will die.

      The correct fraction is number dead / number dead + number cured.

      That number is 18% . Much more along the lines of the Spanish Flu of 1918-1919.

      And this virus seems to be much more lethal to Asian men (although the numbers are so small for non Asians right now as to be highly susceptible to error). If this is correct, and Asian men are more likely to die it is probably because the pathways the virus takes are helped along by smoking. Asian men smoke at a very high rate.

  3. Len Gostkowski says:

    The worst case scenario looks like this. A 2-3% death rate applied against maximum propagation could could mean more dead from this one tragic pandemic than died in all American wars combined.
    It will be a harsh and sad culling of the herd โ€“ the older and weaker appear to be the most likely to die. Once it runs its course, things should pick back up quickly providing current supply chains can restart quickly, and continuing prosperity should return if politicians don’t mess things up along the way.
    One can always hope that the authorities and health care professionals can slow or possibly even stop the advance. If not, I canโ€™t imagine it being for lack of effort.

  4. lynn says:

    How shall our Private Equity firms and Hedge Funds position themselves to profit from this immense opportunity? Enquiring minds need to know.

    1. MoJo JOJO says:

      ^ This guy gets it! /wsb

    2. pepeekeocom says:

      Current Stock Market down turn is a classic example of a great opportunity to “Buy on the Dips”.

  5. The death rate is rather slow, but the sheer number of people who may get it is concerning. More will die in car crashes though during this time, so live your life.

  6. Oliver W Homey says:

    Are they going to burn him at the stake? In 2017 80000 people died in the US from the flu. This version is not nearly as deadly, we are overdoing this big time. Even the doctors say most people won’t even know they have it–cough and runny nose for a few days and then gone.

  7. David Puddy says:

    Oh my God this is horrible!!!!!! I’m now in a total panic due to this one flight attendant. I’m going follow the lead of dems and their media friends and start blaming Trump for this awful virus!!!! How long do to live???? ๐Ÿ˜‰

    1. A J says:

      Coronavirus is under control like Trump is under control. Sign: Republican…

  8. not2worryluv says:

    Don’t understand how during the 1st week in February SFO can let 6500 passengers in from China back into the States and say “self-quarantine” yourselves. Most of these were college kids returning from the Chinese New Year Holiday. This is like herding cats. If this somehow or other hits the homeless in the Bay Area then see you gets the blame for that situation!

    1. A J says:

      Called Trump who cut the CDC budget back in 2016! Trump also went against the CDC when told not bring anyone home from the ship who tested positive! Trump also been reporting there a cure coming, another lie from the liar himself!

  9. Tom G says:

    This thing is a bio weapon that got out. Right now the mortality rate is only 3%, but given that there are thousands who are sick right now, many critically, that’s going to skyrocket. And, it can apparently reinfect those who recovered from it. This could be an ELE–extinction level event.

  10. A J says:

    Trump Unstable Non Genius Narcissist! Makes him a danger to ALL! Coronavirus is under control like Trump is under control.

  11. D JG says:

    Close our border now!

    1. A J says:

      To late! Ironic how Trump and so many were going on about how we needed a Wall between Mexico and the USA, to keep stuff like this from entering in.. Yet it’s OUR own citizens who’ve brought this back! ….Poetic Justice….

  12. JoJo Wasaman says:

    Yeah . . . it’s all Trumps fault. Do you senseless fools realize how ignorant you make yourselves look. And sadly, it’s true. You are truly stupid.

  13. SnakeUSMC says:

    aj you are not a biologist. You spread FALSE rumors concerning the suppose cutback of the CDC which did not happen. You are the type who reads something on a bolshevik blog and believe it is true WITHOUT CHECKING and because it is on the net, to you “it must be true”.

    In the US we now have illnesses which we in the US Eradicated but the enemy outlaws whom you love so much by your statements have reintroduced into this country (Source CDC) When this virus hits you, you shall be begging the government to help you so you will not die.

    Remember, what comes around goes around. Have a nice day – while you can

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