(CBSLA)- One thing that has become clear in the two days since the helicopter crash that took the lives of Kobe Bryant, his daughter Gianna and seven others is just how far Bryant’s influence and persona extended within the sports world. The tributes have poured in from all over, not just those within the sphere of the NBA.

All of these tributes are an attempt by each person to make sense of Bryant’s legacy. Of what the Lakers star meant to them and their lives. For Pro Football Hall of Famer and Inside The NFL analyst Ray Lewis, two things come to mind when he reflects on Bryant’s life. One is his diligence in perfecting his craft down to the smallest of details. The other is the example that he set with that work ethic.

“Greatness… is a lot of small things done well,” said Lewis. “He was a brother. He was a friend. And he was somebody that every time you saw him, he made you want to be better. He’ll be missed, but he’ll never be forgotten.”

Lewis’ voice is just the latest to be added to the chorus of folks weighing in with their memories of Kobe. Current Lakers star LeBron James said he was “heartbroken and devastated” in an Instagram post. The NBA posted its own tribute, saying that Bryant “transcended the game” in a video on Twitter.

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