ANAHEIM (CBSLA) – A Riverside County community came together Wednesday night to raise awareness for child abuse in honor of a missing boy whose parents have been charged with child abuse.

Pouring rain couldn’t stop the dozens of people who wanted to cover Corona in blue ribbons Wednesday.

Tamara Eckenrod said she believes the downpour was for Noah McIntosh.

“This is tears from heaven, you know,” Eckenrod said.

This is the community’s way of honoring McIntosh.

The 8 year old was last seen three weeks ago at the Encanto Apartments in Corona.

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His parents are both behind bars on child abuse charges.

His mother, Jillian Godfrey, called police last week saying she was unable to see her son.

Deputies executed a search warrant where he lived with his father, Bryce McIntosh. They did not find Noah inside.

Subsequent searches have been unsuccessful in locating him.

“I really hope, like really hope, we can find him,” said 12-year-old Jessalynn Eckenrod.

Eckenrod goes to the same school as Noah and helped tie ribbons around Todd Academy.

Rhonda Parker-Leafstone and Lisha Platta came up with the idea.

“We wanted to help,” Parker-Leafstone said.

They asked police if they could organize search parties for Noah. But since police told them to hold off, they hit the streets with their Plan B.

“We did what we felt was necessary and what we could do,” Parker-Leafstone said.

What they’re hoping to do is raise awareness for child abuse – for Noah and for his 11-year-old sister who is now in Child Protective Services custody.

“Her brother was probably her best friend, so right now, she is missing and needing her friend and hopefully he comes home to her,” Eckenrod said.

Godfrey and Bryce McIntosh made their first court appearance March 15, when their arraignment was pushed to next month.


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