(CBSLA) — Here’s a look at CBS2 investigative reporter David Goldstein’s top 10 investigations of 2018.

10. Hundreds Of Deceased Voters Still On L.A. County Rolls

CBSLA’s David Goldstein found hundreds of people who are eligible to vote but shouldn’t be – because they’re dead.

9. Sanitation Worker Who Crashed Truck In DUI Still On The Job

Our investigation found that Adrian Corrales continued working for the city after he flipped a truck while allegedly driving drunk. Our follow-up found he’s no longer in that job.

8. MTA Spends Thousands On Catering, Talent Show

Hundreds of thousands of dollars in taxpayer money is being spent on things other than transportation under the watch of the Metropolitan Transportation Authority in Los Angeles, a CBS2 investigation has learned.

7. Millions In LADWP Ratepayer Money Going To Charity

The Los Angeles Department of Water and Power is giving away more than $1 million a year in ratepayer money to charities and nonprofits, including onegroup that has a DWP executive sitting on the board.

6. Air Conditioning Repairmen Inflate Fees To Fix Simple Problem

Watch one repairman admit to David Goldstein that he’s jacking up the price on a simple air-conditioner fix.

5. Some City Workers Go Home After Short Day But Still Get Paid

This investigation turned up some city employees who work just a handful of hours but receive a full day’s pay.

4. $1.3 Million Paving Machine Sits Idle While Homeless Man Lives Underneath

A brand-new, $1.3 million paving machine meant to fix the broken streets of Los Angeles was so rarely used that a homeless man is living underneath it. (We saw it back in action a few days after our initial investigation aired.)

3. Flies In Operating Rooms Force VA Hospital To Postpone 80+ Surgeries

A West Los Angeles veterans hospital has had to cancel or postpone dozens of surgeries because of an insect infestation, a CBS2 News investigation has learned.

2. Animal Control Workers Caught Holding Yard Sale, Working Out, Sleeping

Multiple Los Angeles County Animal Control employees were caught on duty sleeping like a baby or lifting weights in the gym – all while not lifting a finger for taxpayers.

1. LAPD Electric BMWs Appear Unused Or Misused

The LAPD said its expensive fleet of electric BMWs would help the department “go green” – so why are so many of them sitting in a garage, unused?


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