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VENTURA COUNTY (CBSLA) — An Ojai man breaking the news to his young children their home burned in a fire ravaging Ventura County has gone viral.

Mikki Willis shared the moment he told his 3- and 6-year-old sons their home was destroyed in the Thomas Fire on Facebook.

“I want to talk with you both,” he says. “I went to our house last night because I wanted to find out what happened.”

“Our home burned down,” he says.

Willis’ 3-year-old boy then sweetly asks: “All the toys are burned down?”

“All the toys are gone, too,” his father nods.

Willis comforts the boys as he explains the family will start anew.

“I want you to understand the difference between a house and a home, OK … Our home is a feeling that we put into our house and we get to bring that feeling with us wherever we go.”


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