VENTURA (CBSLA) — The dangers of getting too close to a burning home were evident this morning during a CBS2 report by Kara Finnstrom.

Finnstrom reported that CBS2 photographer Nathan Furniss was hit in the chest by popping ammunition flying out of a burning home as he approached the structure. Furniss was not injured.

66c676422b6c455f9921da7cdf8520d7 WATCH: Ammo Flies Out Of Burning Home, Hits CBS2 Photographer

Finnstrom and Furniss were in a Ventura neighborhood at Foothill Road and Vista de Ventura Boulevard that was being enveloped by the Thomas Fire.

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Finnstorm said that the ammunition was part of the dangers that firefighters were dealing with Tuesday morning. Earlier in the morning there were gas leaks in some of the neighborhoods that fire crews were dealing with.

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  1. Joe Pace says:

    Members of the MSM being shot…priceless!

    1. sigh … i miss all the good stuff.. heh bulls eye.

  2. Why do reporters have to stand in the rain to tell us its wet? Idiots.

    1. Because that’s how they win journalistic awards/prizes. I used to work in that business. I had a friend who would go cover stories that nobody cared about. When anyone would ask him why, he always said “It will be a good entry for the OAB awards.”

    2. I love Phoenix media. At the first rain of the year hits the road and makes a little puddle, every news station sends a crew out into the streets to focus a camera on the puddle. Priceless…

  3. Jack Burton says:

    Getting close to any burning building is dangerous, that’s why fire fighters wear protective gear, any ammo cooking off is not going to be a major threat though, unless it’s in a barrel of a gun. Check youtube,where an entire pallet of various ammo is burned. Of course CA anti gun politicians will claim it’s an ammo dump ready to take out thousands. LOL

  4. No chamber pressure if it is just loose ammo. So you probably won’t die, but other household things burst under a flame so stay the hell away. The ratings are not worth it.

  5. Mike Arvand says:

    hmm.. CA…. makes me wonder if they didn’t just set that up. I could see those morons burning thousands of acres and destroying millions of dollars of property, just to push an anti gun agenda.

    1. …or it was started by illegals, or a terror act….but being California, they will probably blame it on a bunch of dumb ass White people who let their campfire get out of control….

  6. Dave Fay says:

    Loose ammo is no more dangerous than other common household objects like cans spray paint or any contents under pressure or that are chemically reactive. Loose small arms ammo is basically little more than firecracker until it is chambered in a gun barrel. Example, the reporter was struck in the chest and was uninjured.

  7. Nat Gifford says:

    That isnt a bullet it is the case! You can see the primer hole at the bottom of the case. I would bet that the bullet is still in the dwelling as it was heavier than the case. If you look you can see how the case mouth beloed out.

  8. Tom Ronson says:

    That is not a bullet. Only a dumb liberal would say that was a bullet.
    The reporter needs to go to a class on firearms.

  9. Bullllshttttt You got too close to an illegal alien committing his arson. #KateSteinle

  10. Now we even have houses shooting people out in California. What’s the world coming to…… : /

  11. More idiocy from the ‘news’ media.

  12. I didn’t think anybody in CA was smart enough to have a gun

  13. make a new law against burning bullets in a house fire.

  14. they need to do the smart thing and give sanctuary to more illegals

  15. Tim Kraus says:

    I would be more worries about LPG tanks blowing. The press is really over the top.

  16. When ammo explodes it pops like popcorn. It doesn’t fly off in any particular direction unless it is inside a tight fitting cylinder.

  17. Ace Graphico says:

    That’s a piece of brass, not a bullet, idiot. FAKE NEWS, even if true, which I doubt. Reporter probably found it on the ground and is whoring for attention.

  18. 28,000 rounds burned in safety test. conclusion: Small Arms ammo presents no danger.

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