LOS ANGELES (CBSLA.com) — With the departure of Chris Paul, the Los Angeles Clippers roster has undoubtedly been scaled back – and now so have their uniforms.

The team unveiled a new, toned-down look Friday, opting to go with a simple white home jersey and a navy blue color for their away version.

Made by Nike, the uniforms – unlike the previous version from 2015 that ditched the classic “LAC” monogram for a blue “C” wrapping around the letters “LA” – are somewhat basic and said to be inspired by the team’s San Diego origins.

Featuring nautical flags near the bottom of the jerseys, Nike says “Clipper ships inspired the uniform’s horizontal lines, emblematic of the ocean horizon and a ship’s hull cutting through the water.”

The Clippers are hoping to turn their own ship around after the departure of Paul, who was traded to the Houston Rockets in June.


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