LOS ANGELES (CBSLA.com) — The father of the former UCLA basketball star and projected top NBA draft pick Lonzo Ball is known to stand out with his outspoken ways and pricey Big Baller Brand shoes.

Even LaVar’s Ball’s Chino Hills home stands out. It’s white and black, instead of brown and tan like the others.

“It’s pure white. If Obama can have the White House, old baller can have the White House,” Ball said. “Me go with the flow? You’re talking to big baller.”

The HOA tried to get Ball to change the paint, and he says they even sent fix it letters.

“They said: ‘LaVar, I hope that’s the primer because you got a put a color over that’ and I said: ‘You must be crazy as hell if I’m gonna put a color over it.’ That’s like buying a brand new Cadillac and putting a new color on it.’ ”

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Instead of changing the colors, Ball says he ran for HOA president and won.

“I’m glad for LaVar he beat the system and had the time, I guess,” neighbor Tammy Puett said.

The former HOA president and another board member declined to comment. Another neighbor said he’s OK with stand out colors like green and red.

Ball says if Lonzo is selected in the draft by the Lakers, he’ll paint the lawn purple and gold.

Since Ball joined the HOA board, he says he’s signed off on many paint changes, but there are boundaries.

“I don’t care if you paint it a certain color but don’t get outlandish with it, don’t paint it purple or lime green. The way I look at it, new paint is better than old paint,” Ball said.


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