LINCOLN HEIGHTS ( — A hearing was underway Wednesday to determine the fate of two pit bulls that allegedly attacked and killed an elderly man in Lincoln Heights.

The dogs attacked Valentin Herrera, 76, and his small dog named Dodger on Feb. 2, just a block away from his home.

Herrera underwent brain and arm surgeries, and later succumbed to his injuries.

His dog died at the scene.

Family members attended the dangerous animal hearing, which was held at Los Angeles Animal Services’ administration offices.

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  1. Why are these pit bulls still ALIVE????

    1. I don’t understand this either, who would have called for a hearing for dogs that killed a human? Sounds like this man’s family needs to sue whoever has made the decision to keep these dogs alive let alone institute a hearing, paid for by tax payers, for killer dogs.

  2. Lisa Padgett says:

    Because killing a man isn’t enough of an indicator they are dangerous. Them being still alive has zero to do with any case against the owners.

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