Bryan Altman

The NFL’s return to Los Angeles went smoothly in pretty much every facet except for where it matters most: on the football field.

The Rams were one of the worst teams in the NFL for pretty much the entire season and were unable to put it together outside of a three-game winning streak early in the year.

The end result: coach Jeff Fisher’s firing and a 4-12 record; a season that running back Todd Gurley aptly described as “a nightmare” in a recent interview on NFL Network’s The Rich Eisen Show.

“Like a nightmare. I still can’t believe the season,” Gurley told Eisen. “It was definitely a tough year, a learning experience for me. To be 4-12 this year? I don’t want to feel that feeling again.”

Gurley — who put together a massive rookie campaign in 2015, registering 1,106 yards on the ground in just 13 games — was slated by most to have a big sophomore year, but that never came to fruition.

Instead, Gurley only gained 885 yards rushing and averaged a paltry 3.2 yards per carry, which caused him to lash out about the Rams’ offense towards the end of the season, calling it “a middle school offense.”

Gurley addressed those comments with Eisen as well, saying, “The week before, we played New England. I think we probably scored one touchdown and that was the last two minutes of the game. Then we go play Atlanta, and they probably put more points up on us on defense than we actually put up on offense. It was frustrating. I kind of told it like it was, kind of how we looked. It was too many mental errors from everybody, including myself, just turning the ball over. You just can’t have that.”

Thankfully, it’ll be a fresh start for the Rams and Gurley under new head coach Sean McVay. Hopefully for all parties Year 2 of football in Los Angeles will be a lot better.


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