LOS ANGELES (AP) — Three alleged gang members have been charged in the death of a Marine who was gunned down in a car while visiting Los Angeles.

Oscar Aguilar and Esau Rios were charged Tuesday with murder while a third man was charged with being an accessory after the fact. It’s unknown whether they have lawyers.

Prosecutors say 19-year-old Lance Cpl. Carlos Segovia Lopez was on leave from Camp Pendleton in September when he was shot in the head in South Los Angeles. He died three days later at a hospital.

Segovia was a native of El Salvador who joined the Marine Corps after high school, where he volunteered with a group that helps the homeless.

Aguilar and Rios could face potential life sentences if convicted.

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  1. Steve Getz says:

    Yet more POS gang bangers doing what they do best….kill. What comes out of a dogs ass is better then what these bangers are.

  2. The Marines should be allowed to go into the neighborhood and definitely find and arrest, or kill, the killers of their fellow Marine. They would clean up other criminals also. Punk gang wantabees would soon stop their habits.

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