CULVER CITY ( — A Culver City woman shared her battle with breast cancer in a video diary she posted on YouTube.

In 2010, Charina McNutt, then 25-years-old, felt a lump on her breast. Without insurance and because of her age, however, she said she was turned away for a mammogram.

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“It took a process of four clinics, and then I tried two hospitals. And then the last hospital finally…they didn’t want to give me a mammogram either, but they said to get a biopsy. I guess they saw the frustration in my face, in my eyes. And then the biopsy determined that I had Stage 3 breast cancer,” McNutt said.

McNutt wouldn’t let the cancer take over, even when the doctor told her what she faced.

“My mom was in the room with me, so I couldn’t cry. I had to keep a strong face because my mom broke down. I just looked at the doctor and I said, ‘Okay. What do I do now?’ I put my game face on right away, and I put my gloves on,” she said.

McNutt turned to YouTube to share her story with the world and document the moments that would change her forever.

“My hair has been falling out a lot, so I’m going to cut my hair today, shave it,” she said in one clip.

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McNutt endured six rounds of chemotherapy, a double mastectomy, more chemotherapy and then breast reconstruction surgery.

Finally, McNutt was able to share this with her followers: “I have to double check the date, but in September, I’ll be two years cancer-free.”

McNutt is looking forward to her third Susan G. Komen Race for the Cure this weekend.

She wished she had known about the organization when she was struggling to get a mammogram.

“That’s what they do. They help women under 40,” McNutt said.

Now 29, McNutt has a message to send young people just like her.

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“Breast cancer doesn’t have an age limit. If you feel something is wrong, don’t ignore your age. Age is nothing but a number. Go and get it checked out,” she said.