LOS ANGELES (CBS) — The city’s controversial red-light camera program will end this weekend after officials moved to end the contract with the camera company.

Police officers will no longer appear in court for red-light camera cases in the wake of a vote on Tuesday by the Police Commission to stop collecting fines from violators.

The move essentially means that all unpaid tickets will be removed from record after the City Council decided to end the program last July.

Councilman Mitch Englander, who represents Granada Hills, Northridge, Porter Ranch, and other communities in the San Fernando Valley, told KNX 1070 the program was flawed from its inception.

“The fines were excessive, it was punitive, it was way too high,” said Englander.

Fines started at $480 per violation, but typically drivers would pay $550 or more after fees.

Englander also noted that most red-light cameras were installed based on the city council districts rather than at the most dangerous intersections in the city.

A CBS2 investigation in 2009 found that accidents went up after the $1 million program was launched at 32 intersection throughout the city.

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  1. KOBE says:

    This was all a scam by the city council to put money into their pocket. This is why people need to stand up against that train to Las Vegas scam because it will just make a few people rich and wind up costing taxpayers billions.

  2. e. freebird says:

    i never paid a red light, lying, ticket in santa clarita, stevenson ranch area, July, 2010. Does this mean i don’t have to pay it now? i never paid it, because i didn’t run the light.

  3. Corruption says:

    Why are the council members not being arrested for this scam? Or removed from office for such a failure?

    1. randy says:

      Not a fan of the city council, but don’t you need some evidence of a crime first?

      1. Corruption says:

        Evidence? Well what about the fact that they were losing money on the camera but still did not terminate them. Why would they keep the cameras if they were losing city money? They were taking bribes to keep the cameras in operation. The camera company was giving the council cash and the camera company was making money. Why not look into the money trail? Let me answer my own question. Because only the council can sanction an investigation upon their business deals.

  4. randy says:

    Thank goodness the program has concluded. Now the self-absorbed reckless idiots like free bird can run red lights again with no fear of enforcement.

  5. Mina says:

    does this apply for Orange County

  6. brucebarrera says:

    does this apply for Beverly Hills?

  7. haddicus says:

    The highest people who were scammed were actually the city counsel individuals themselves, because, very little money actually went back to the city… most go to the company for cost and maintenance of cameras… it is a complete scam.

  8. duh says:

    Someone else was driving my car and got a ‘cam ticket’ in Van Nuys. I’m male, she’s female, the pic clearly showed a female. I had to go to court 3 TIMES (OC to Van Nuys) before it was finally resolved. Each time, they refused my request to dismiss due to ‘wrong defendant’, and instead kept insisting that it was MY responsibility to identify the driver for them. The 2nd court visit, I was told by the judge that he was refusing my request, and that he would ‘give me time’ to think about turning in the pictured person. On the 3rd court date (same judge), they called my case, and again he refused to accept my request, telling me to sit down and he would allow me to ‘think about it’ until all the other cases were heard. I spent ALL DAY in that court room, and when he called me again, I just repeated a request for dismissal due to wrong defendant. He was LIVID with me, and began threatening that he was going to authorize the Sheriff’s Dept to ‘go through my life with a fine toothed comb to find the person pictured’. I simply said “with all due respect, your honor, they don’t need authorization. That’s their job, if they want to do it, in order to find a person that committed an infraction.” He glared at me for about 15 secs, then said, “this citation is hereby dismissed as to this defendant, pending further investigation”, and with that, he stormed out of the court room to his chambers.

    1. e. freebird says:

      hahaha! I could totally see that old bat doing that!

  9. Ed Smith says:

    “The fines were excessive, it was punitive, it was way too high,” said Englander. Tell that to the people who have lost loved ones because of others running red lights. It Is not our fault that the state /city govt refuses to enforce laws. Heck these same officials encourage illegals to enter and bankrupt the state, as if Brown couldn’t bankrupt the sate himself.

  10. e. freebird says:

    me and beverly hills still don’t know if we have to pay our tickets. Anyone by chance know now? thanks.

    1. Murdock says:

      To Mina, brucebarrera, freebird: What part of the article which pertains to the City of Los Angeles discontinuing the program didn’t you understand. Beverly Hills, O.C., Culver City, Inglewood, South Gate, etc.are not a part of Los Angeles, therefore I’m sure you’re still accountable for it.

      1. Face says:

        Murdock, to clarify, you are not correct. The court will not enforce the tickets, the officers won’t show up either.

        If you have been ticketed via red light camera in the cities you specified, the court would that would handle it would be LA Superior court. Since the court is no longer collecting fines and processing the cases, the red light tickets are a thing of the past.

      2. Murdock says:

        Face: The court is not proceding with the City of LA tickets and the LAPD is not showing up in court. In all other cities who have cameras, those agencies are still running their programs and the courts are still accepting their violations.

  11. Dan Feldman says:

    What about the thousands that have given over millions to the Australian invasion team and the corrupt councils and justices? What about them. I am one of them and they owe me $600.

  12. Louis says:

    Instead of investing money for cameras, Los Angeles should invest in left arrow turn signals. I live in Hollywood and for all who live there as well as the general Los Angeles metropolitan area well know the stress one gets trying to make a left turn at an intersection. You’re up next to make the left, you have cars constantly passing, you have the stress of cars behind you honking waiting to make the left, cars just keep passing, the light turns yellow and cars are still passing! You’re looking at the red – light camera’s just waiting for that picture of you, the light then turns red, a couple more cars pass and off you go! Then a car behind you shoots out behind you too. If you missed the opportunity, you have to try again, same scenario. Sometimes, you’ve waited so long to make the left turn, the car in front makes the left and you follow, the car in front takes his dear sweet time to make that left, your behind yelling, hurry up! The light turns red, you’re looking at those cameras and to avoid the flash, you cut the guy making that slow turn. Supposedly, some cameras give you a couple seconds after the red light, but remembering that last $550 ticket you paid, keeps you from taking the chance. It’s these stressful situations that cause accidents and poor judgments. If there is a left turn signal, it quickly changes to red in a matter of three seconds. Fix those signals!

  13. Ana says:

    I never paid a ticket because i didint agree to this carmera system not only it was scary for myselft driving through one of those intersections just thinking the light will change right away and watching the stupid camera going off. i went to court and numerous extensions due to the fines were too much i did not pay it i rather feed my kids with that money. But yet my license was suspended..how do I go about having them revoke the suspension. The ticket was issue in the city of Glendale par of Los Angeles County . Please advice. Thank you

  14. Henry says:

    This article is premature in announcing that all tickets will be wiped from the (court) record. LAPD’s official position is that they haven’t yet decided whether to ask the court to remove the outstanding tickets from the court’s files. LAPD says that they will decide in a week or so. Until they make their announcement, no one should pay an LA City red light camera ticket. (Please note that this advice does not apply to camera tickets from other cities in the county, or to tickets issued by the MTA/Metro system.)

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