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Update: Sadly, Jessie lost her battle with cancer on Thursday, January 5, 2012. Jessie’s memory and spirit will continue to live on through the thousands of people she touched and the foundation she inspired. » More

By Lisa Sigell

LOS ANGELES (CBS) — Twelve-year-old Jessie Rees is fighting cancer, but she is not thinking about herself. Instead she is spreading happiness and hope to other children with cancer through her JoyJars.

Jessie carefully hand-picks perfect items to fill her JoyJars.

“We customize them for each [child]. We fill to their liking, so we’ll put special things in there for them,” Jessie said.

Usually she brings them to the hospital where nurses hand them out, but this time she delivered them herself to kids with cancer being treated at City of Hope.

“I’ve never done this before,” she said.

Jessie knows what it’s like to be in the hospital — she has brain cancer.

“She’s doing good. She’s in constant treatment. In September she was diagnosed with another tumor, so now she has two. But we’re definitely fighting. Her spirits are good,” said Jessie’s dad, Erik Rees.

Six months ago, a short time after her diagnosis, we brought you Jessie’s Story.

Back then she told us then what it is like to be a kid with cancer.

“There were points when you would cry, when you would have those days. And there were points when you were good,” Jessie said.

She has since endured countless rounds of radiation, chemotherapy and many procedures.

Jessie still truly believes that giving back is the way to not give in to her illness. She and her family started a foundation called NEGU, which means never ever give up. It includes her JoyJars.

“The simplest little thing can put a huge smile on a child’s face,” said Jessie’s mom, Stacey.

Since Jessie and her family started this project, they’ve given out 2,500 JoyJars. But Jessie has a bigger goal.

“That every kid gets one,” she said.

The JoyJars have been sent to children in 27 states.

Jessie now has more than 20,000 fans on Facebook and she calls each one a prayer.

“Did you ever think it would get this big,” I asked her.

“No. Personally, no. Yeah, not at all,” she said with a smile.

As she goes room to room at the hospital, she is handing out much more than gift jars, she is giving hope, love and a prayer to never ever give up.

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Comments (19)
  1. Timothy Cann says:

    NEGU Jessie. God Bless you, and know that your NEGU Team is growing, and spreading love and joy to those that are suffering.around us.

  2. C. White says:

    Jessie is an inspiration to everyone. It’s great to see such a positive story. NEGU spreading the message of giving and joy, Jessie.

  3. Leon Skeie says:

    Jessie is one Amazing young lady!! She has been like this all of her life! She has always thought of others before herself!!! I am so thankful that she is my granddaughter!!!

  4. MaryLou Noble-Kallmeier says:

    She’s my own little hero. I love you Jessica.

  5. Patty Rodriguez says:

    Thank you Jessie for visiting and bringing joy to my daughter Noemi Calderon at City of Hope. Noemi has been fighting Leukemia since January, shes 11 yrs old almost your age, and very positive like you. I know what you and your parents are goin threw, but with God’s help and blessings you will be fine…stay strong and positive. May God bless you and your family each and every day. Take care…

  6. Lana, her #1 fan from NE says:

    Jesse has fans and prayer warriors all over the world now!!!! She is an amazing inspiration to every single person that she reaches. Prayers of courage, healing, and hope are said every day for Jesse! Nebraska loves you very much!!!! <3

    1. Gonzalo says:

      I’m so sorry your dhtaguer is going through this. I will tell you that God did not give her cancer, but he has the grace and mercy that will carry her through the fire. I will pray for her AND you, God bless you both!

  7. Francis Gonzalez says:

    This poem is for you Jessie


    She will see the great that her life has done
    She will hear the melody of songs sh have sung
    She will taste the sweet nectar of the success she set into motion
    She will smell the fragrance better than any perfume or lotion
    She will feel the love of all who knows her because of what we will do next
    so lets do her justice by coming together for her cause
    with me and you we can continue to spread the message of
    We love you and
    we will continue
    for all who is like you
    the fight to NEGU

    She will have life after passing for infinity

    In Loving Memory Of Jessica Joy Rees
    May you rest now God’s ANGEL of LOVE and JOY.

  8. Made says:

    Thank you Cathy. Sorry I’m so late rnedonpisg to your very thoughtful comment. The best to you too.