LOS ANGELES (CBS) — Will the governor of California grant online retail giant Amazon a reprieve on a sales tax in exchange for the promise of thousands of jobs?

A new law aimed at closing a tax loophole for items bought online in order to drum up revenue for the cash-starved state could be the only thing separating 7,000 new jobs from coming to California.

George Runner at the Board of Equalization told KNX 1070 that Gov. Jerry Brown is wrong if he believes the so-called “Amazon tax” would generate millions in revenue for the state this year.

“The current law that has passed is not collecting any money,” said Runner. “We have not had one out-of-state retailer who has registered to collect sales tax.”

Amazon wants a two-year moratorium on the tax in exchange for a physical presence in the state, which will then make them legally responsible for them to collect sales tax — a result Runner said is “a win-win deal”.

The retailer is also taking its fight against the tax to court along with filing a ballot petition that would potentially repeal the law.

But as H.D. Palmer, deputy director of the state Department of Finance told KNX 1070, there is already legislation in place requiring Amazon to collect taxes on all out-of-state purchases.

“This isn’t a dynamic about taxes versus jobs, this is a dynamic where you have a corporation which, under their proposal, would like to be excluded from collecting taxes while expanding their physical presence in California.”

Palmer said the law is expected to garner an estimated $200 million in revenue for the state.

A coalition of nonprofit organizations recently threatened a boycott over the company’s opposition to the sales tax law, but there is no data confirming any significant rise in the number of Amazon accounts canceled in response to the boycott.

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  1. Karen says:

    Amazon – my only mesage to you is – collect sales taxes.

    The jobs you would add are low level positions. Everyone needs to pay sales tax and Amazon needs to start collecting it. I have no objection to paying sales taxes. Taxes are used for the benefit of the community.

    In fact, sales tax is not discriminatory. Everyone has the same tax rate and if you consume a lot because you are rich, then you pay more tax.

    I don’t like Amazon’s message that they are above the law.

  2. alg says:

    If the governor is anything, he is a deal maker. I do believe that if he is able to look at the facts, he would rather see people employed. Once he grants AMAZON, and they bring 7k jobs to california in the next two years, then other companies may do the same, meaning more employment, and the collection of more state income taxes.
    It would be stupid for the governor NOT to accept this deal.
    I suggest the governor adds a covenant to the new law, by adding the above deal. period.

  3. alg says:

    Karen must be a state employee. What she doesn’t know is how difficult it is to do all the paperwork from sales, and taxes. It means changing the software programming, and adding software to collect the taxes, and separate it from your revenue. This is not easy to do, while still running your website.
    It’s like Karen is sitting on some pedestal, and says let there be taxes on you.
    I don’t care how you do it, I don’t care how much IT COSTS YOU, just do it.
    That’s the real deal with most state workers. They don’t have any common sense.

    1. Karen says:

      I am not a state employee. I have two jobs in the private sector – one full time and one part time. One of my jobs is for a major computer consulting company so phooey to the problem of changing the software.

      Amazon will create 7000 jobs paying minimum wage. Alert the media. The state would make more with the tax revenues.

  4. Karen says:

    By the way, per the Census, CA’s population is 37,253,956. 7,000 (number of alleged Amazon jobs) / 37,253,956 = .000188. That is not even a 10th of a percent.

    Whoopie – what a lot of jobs this is adding (not!) but we would lose tax revenues for this exchange.

    I would never make this deal. Hopefully our government is not so stupid either.

  5. NoTax says:

    repeal the law.No sale’s tax over out of state purchase.

  6. kpmgkilledjane says:

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    1. Taxman says:

      Theh author of this comment is former KPMG Tax partner, David Greenberg.

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