LOS ANGELES (CBS) — Amazon is facing a boycott by a coalition of nonprofit organizations over the company’s opposition to a new Internet sales tax law.

The group, “Think Before You Click,” is calling for users to cancel their accounts unless Amazon stops fighting the law, which requires online companies to start charging sales tax for merchandise sent to California.

Boycotters claim the sales tax will bring in $200 million in additional revenue and encourage people to shop in local stores instead of online.

Amazon is currently circulating a petition to get a ballot that, if passed, would make the company exempt from online sales taxes.

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  1. Karen says:

    I am NOT boycotting Amazon. I was asked by a research group if I agreed with this proposed bill and I don’t. I’m still going to shop at Amazon. I have zero issues paying my share of sales taxes.

    I do expect our government to do something about state employees who retire at age 50 at 90% of their salary. THAT is what is OUTRAGEOUS to me.

    1. Andy says:

      Much agreed.

      If these “non-profits” don’t like it they can shop somewhere else. I’m not stopping my shopping at Amazon. Some of us are tired of paying taxes into the infinite bottomless pit they call CA state pension fund.

  2. thomas house says:

    We as taxpayers pay way to many taxes in the first place.

  3. netminder says:

    California has one of the highest sale tax in the country which is one of the reasons i do all my shopping on amazon. I wouldn’t mind paying tax if they use it for cause but to pass their own dream act and to pass another law to teach gay history in school. I need all my money to send my kids to private school.

  4. Wynne says:

    Absolutely agree with both comments. And who are these nonprofit orgs that are so pro-sales tax? They should get their tax exempt status revoked and THEY can start paying taxes since they’re so keen on the notion.

      1. Give me a break says:


    1. bobbyd says:

      You hit the nail on the head there!

    2. Andy says:

      very good point Wayne

      1. MFG says:

        I think Wynne is probably a women. I think she said she lived in Northern LA once.

  5. RJ says:

    I guess now ALL of my business goes to Amazon. Keep up the good work!!

  6. LA's the place says:

    I WON’T boycott Amazon. In fact I will shop there MORE now that I know they are being boycotted.

    Why don’t they have the illegals start paying their fair share FIRST. Why do they get preferential treatment for everything from housing, to social security they never paid into, to food stamps, and now free college education AT THE TAXPAYERS expense. Either stop giving them free stuff, make them citizens so they can pay or send them back. THEN ask me to boycott Amazon.

  7. Alex says:

    Who in their right mind will want to boycott a company that doesn’t want to charge sales tax? I’m NOT boycotting Amazon!!!! We already pay too many taxes. So they want more of our money to waste!!!

  8. David G. says:

    Folks please think for yourselves! Let your dollars vote! Way too many “non profit” companies have six-figure CEOs (it’s not “profit” it’s “wages”). They just want to have a free ride on your ignorance.

    I say if Amazon is smart enough to keep prices down LEGALLY, let them!!

  9. Give me a break says:

    I WON”T boycott Amazo either. I say good for them. It’s nice to see a huge company stand up for it’s people even if it also assures them of more customers. Enough taxes already. Get rid of people here illegally, have gov’t employees contribute to Social Security, don’t allow them all the bells and whistles they currently have while the majority of Americans struggle to get by paycheck to paycheck. Take care of your own people FIRST.

  10. non-profit says:

    I shop locally but if i see amazon has a lower price. I buy from amazon and return the product that i purchase locally. WHY…. i pay to much tax for what.. nothing… i work overtime just to make ends meet for my family. Amazon is there to help out, how… lower price and no tax. Every little bit counts and it adds up. California local government and those non-profit are stupid – My neighbor cleans the lawns and gets paid cash, he receives money from the government, gets food stamps, gets lower price on cable, phone, internet and gets medical FREE. He makes 2x as much as me and im paying tax he isnt. Deal with that first and the 200 million you think your going to save on amazon, thats nothing to what your going to save when you stop people who scam the goernment.

    1. Andy says:

      we have neighbors like that too.

  11. Dottie says:

    If I can’t find something locally I know I can always find it on Amazon for a good price. I will always be loyal to Amazon and that isn’t going to change even if I have to pay taxes. What does Non Profit have to do with the issue anyway. The only Non Profit organization I contribute to Is Best Friends. I pay State Tax, Federal Tax, Property Tax, Vehicle Tax and I’m a senior and I still have to work full time to be able to eat and pay those taxes.

  12. jv says:

    I’ve been shopping on Amazon for quite awhile now and will continue to do so. They offer competitive prices, a wide selection, and free shipping along with no tax. And this no name org from wherever wants me to stop shopping there and then cancel my account? Good laughs.

  13. P says:

    Amazon is a GREAT company. They actually have customer service! And it’s amazing customer service to add to that. WHY would anyone want to boycott low competitive prices, great customer service and legal no sales tax?

    1. sunshine in CA says:

      I totally agree about their customer service. I had concerns over my teen’s online shopping. A customer service rep called me…YES, CALLED ME! I spoke to her and we set up a plan for my teens account. She also left me her phone number where I could reach her directly if I should have other issues regarding said account. I won’t stop shopping Amazon, but I also won’t fall into the trap of signing their petition. Makes for good competition.

  14. VL says:

    Do you really think Amazon is threatened at all by this so called “Boycott”? Seriously, if you offer low prices with no sales tax, people will buy and not think about the ethics. Just look at Wal Mart.

  15. mojo says:

    I am boycotting ALL non-profit organizations after hearing this and encouraging others to do the same. In fact I will buy more from Amazon now that I heard about the boycott. I am also boycotting ALL supermarkets that have a union. Prices are too high. You are lucky to have a friggin job.

  16. jj says:

    Will definitely NOT boycott Amazon.

  17. Teufel Wolf says:

    I will not boycott amazon.

  18. mark silvers says:

    I PRAISE Amazon for their action and will continue to purchase goods from them. Our politician (not statesmen) would tax the very air we breathe if they could figure out how to. Go Amazon, GO!!!!!!

    P.S. I bought an iPod/iPad player the other day. $399 for the Audyssey and saved 8 3/4% tax by not purchasing it in a store. Also free shipping. Amazon Rules!

  19. ljp says:

    How about if we boycott the non-profits and instead spend more at Amazon………..

  20. ginny says:

    Seems to me that non-profits and religious organizations are inching closer and closer to a level where they should loose their tax exempt status. I’ll keep shopping Amazon and think nothing of the petition.

  21. Racer says:

    Look nobody like’s taxes that’s evident but the fact of the matter is we are a capitalistic economy that is in trouble we need to cut expenses AND rise revenue all you people know is NO that’s not a solution.

  22. Mike says:

    The only people boycotting Amazon are ultra-conservative morons. I will continue to spend hundreds of dollars per month on Amazon. The idiots doing the boycotting will not affect Amazon’s market share.

    1. TJ says:

      I think you mean liberal morons. Conservatives support less/lower taxes!

  23. Lucky Linda says:

    Jeff Bezos rocks! What are they, nuts? I buy everything I can on Amazon..I agree with all the posts about boycotting Non Profits! And he just donated $10 mil to a non profit yesterday! Now that’s a man that doesn’t hold a grudge!Hello!

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