ANAHEIM (CBS) — Coyotes roaming around the city of Anaheim have neighbors worried about run-ins between the wild animals and service dogs for the blind.

KNX 1070’s Pete Demetriou reports at least three coyotes have been seen in vacant lots and backyards near the Braille Institute of Orange County, prompting animal control officials to issue an alert.

Local resident Randy, who drives the area along Dale Ave. early in the morning, has seen them as well.

“They were trying to get back to where they were living here in the neighborhood in this large nursery under the high-tension wires,” he said.

Neighbors are worried the animals are growing bolder in their attacks and may pose a risk to pets or small children.

Officials advised residents to avoid leaving out trash or pet food, to keep their pets inside their homes, and to avoid contact with the coyotes.

A spate of recent coyote incidents in Altadena and Laguna Woods has prompted more communities to consider various solutions to keeping the animals away from residents and pets.

Currently there are no official plans to trap, relocate or kill the animals, officials said.

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  1. Elizabeth Hanohano says:

    My mom goes to the Braille Institute of Orange County… there have been concerns of coyotes attacking residents and students of the Braille Institute and their service dogs and officials have said, “Currently there are no official plans to trap, relocate or kill the animals” What?!?! No official plans?!?!

  2. Kevin Riley says:

    I walk two big dogs every night in my Woodland Hills neighborhood, which is close to a large area of undeveloped land. The coyotes.are scared of us and run away, even when their in a group. Our nightly walks have cut down on their numbers in the neighborhood. My dogs look like wolves and in nature wolves kill coyotes on sight.

  3. Gina Farr says:

    A non-habituated coyote is not dangerous to humans, despite the myths. Keep in mind that a coyote is on average 18-35 pounds and quite smart about keeping themselves out of trouble. If an attack would be likely, we would have had many by now.

    Education is key: remove attractants and scare the coyotes away – make them uncomfortable around people. Do you know that killing coyotes is as effective as not killing coyotes? When one is killed, and the underlying reason they are present is not changed (e.g., pet foods left outside, a quiet place to den), then another will take its place almost immediately.

    1. They are all potentially dangerous. Even a non-habituated coyote might attack in what it perceives as a moment of your weakness and vulnerability, say, if you tripped and fell, while you were down, or a child falling while skateboarding. It’s just that habituated coyotes are FAR more dangerous. Project Coyote is not a useful education website. it is a fund-raising company masquerading as a ‘charity’. It is filled with biased twisted and spun information that they use to support their agenda. NOT facts. A much better source, where you may read studies from many scientists is