COSTA MESA (CBS) — An Orange County judge on Monday temporarily barred the city of Costa Mesa from laying off municipal workers and outsourcing their jobs.

KNX 1070’s Mike Landa reports the cost-cutting plan to privatize hundreds of jobs is now on hold until the issue is resolved in a court trial.

Jennifer Muir of the Orange County Employees Association said Superior Court Judge Tam No-moto Schumann has signed off on a preliminary injunction.

“What the injunction says is that the city cannot outsource or lay off municipal employees pursuant to outsourcing to the private sector,” said Muir.

The ruling comes nearly one month after the City Council approved layoffs for 200 city workers, eight police officers and an animal control officer.

Costa Mesa city attorney Tom Duarte has issued a statement saying the ruling does not prevent the city from continuing to explore outsourcing the jobs of half of its workforce.

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  1. jude says:

    whats the basis of the ruling? must be a Obamahead Judge

    1. Dennis Huffman says:

      Hey dingbat, it’s not Obama that caused the problems it’s the Republinuts that run Costa Mesa, they are Republinuts not Democrats, the Republinuts got us into this mess with thier now five false wars overseas.

  2. bill says:

    costa mesa is smart – firefighters should be a private sector job as well as maintenence, cutting trees and just about all service oriented functions. the cities need to streamline and cut out all waste…if every city did this the economy would be in much better shape and the services would actually be better that is why this judge is trying to fight this plan it is corruption once again by a Owebama

  3. Patricia B. says:

    Tam Nomoto probably the most unqualified to sit on the bench in OC. Appointed to hit two token categories at once Asian and woman.

  4. Marco says:

    Is everything in the World Obama’s fault ?!?! How bout outsourcing jobs and getting rid of people who have children and mortgages and not at least being offered the same position at lower pay IS JUST WRONG !?!?!

  5. Brent says:

    Conservatives are fools. If no has a job making money who going to buy stuff.

  6. kaybtt says:

    Cheaper isn’t always better. So…capitalism is getting a little rocky when it easily and callously disposes of the people whose incomes provide the means to pay for all those manufactured goods. Whose taxes support the school systems and pay the mortgages and buy groceries at the local supermarket and patronize the local shops.. Is it really o’kay to upend so many lives. Couldn’t city management find another way to cut costs. Outsourcing is destroying our country.

  7. Dennis Huffman says:

    I just applied a few days ago for a job with Hertz Corporation at the Orange County airport (John Wayne) and the application and resume have been submitted, I go to open my email this morning and find an email that says to return to the website and refill out the application after they already have the info because I have a confirmation notice on it. What’s up with that??

  8. Dennis Huffman says:


    “What the injunction says is that the city cannot outsource or lay off municipal employees pursuant to outsourcing to the private sector,”

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