COSTA MESA (CBS) — The Costa Mesa City Council has approved layoffs for 200 city workers, eight police officers and an animal control officer.

The controversial budget cuts were approved around 1 a.m. Wednesday.

The changes come despite an independent audit, which was paid for by the city workers’ union. The audit says there is roughly $23 million available for the upcoming fiscal year in the city’s general fund.

On Monday, CBS2 spoke to acting Costa Mesa Mayor Jim Righeimer after interim police Chief Steve Staveley called the city council majority “unethical and immoral.”

In his resignation letter, Staveley accused council members of lying about a financial crisis.

“I don’t know how out of touch you have to be to not understand that cities have budget crises. I understand that he doesn’t want any cuts out of his department and I think he wants to go out in some strange way,” Righeimer said.

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  1. jkaang says:

    That’s good news for CM. Good job to all city council members! Police are overpaid way to much for the job they due. Don’t be fooled by that they keep us safe and they due a dangerous job because they don’t. In a 8 hour shift, they’ll do maybe 2 hours of actually police work and rest of the time all they due is fool around and take care of personnel matter. Because no police officer will ever go for pay for performance because they weren’t even make minimum wage.

  2. costamesamayorsux says:

    How sad, council members and the mayor should take pay cuts so they don’t have to lay off MORE IMPORTANT CITY workers like POLICE OFFICERS!!!!!!
    What a scam

  3. upyours says:

    Great, now all those overpaid whiny a$$wipes, especially public safety, who said that they can get training in the O.C. and find better paying elsewhere if their demands aren’t met can go to those jobs and get the f*uck out of here. The hope is, that this is a domino effect for the rest of the cities.

    1. Ron says:

      AMEN. Upyours, bring on the domino games.

  4. upyours says:

    I’ll buy the houses of any pu$$y Costa Mesans who are now afraid to live in the city. I’ll expect an 80% cut off the median price since they say I’m buying in a dangerous ghetto.

  5. upyours says:

    What? No takers? Then, from here on shut the f*ck up about how important whiny overpaid public safety workers are.

  6. p says:

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  7. Concern says:,,,, & posts)

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