LOS ANGELES (CBS) — A 12-year-old girl suffered a severe eye injury Monday night after someone set off illegal fireworks at a Fourth of July party in South Los Angeles, authorities said.

Erica Rodriquez was being treated at Children’s Hospital Los Angeles Tuesday after being hit by an illegal firework.

“Everyone panicked and I called an ambulance,” said a resident of the home, who didn’t want to be identified.

She said that several kids had been playing with sparklers in the backyard.

“My sister bought them, but they were the legal ones. You know, like the ones they sell in the fireworks stand,” she said.

But the fire department said that all fireworks are illegal in the City of Los Angeles.

Officials believe that a bottle rocket may have shot out of control heading directly at the girl’s face.

“It exploded very close to her eye, actually striking her eye causing the damage to the actual orbit of her eye,” said LAFD Captain Jaime Moore.

“We just heard this nasty boom sound and went outside and she was screaming, ‘My eye. My eye,’” said neighbor Jenny Galindo, who was sitting on her front porch when the incident happened.

She said that several kids had been setting off fireworks before the accident.

“I don’t think that their parents should be buying them those types of things,” she said.

The girl does not live at the residence and had been visiting at the time, said a witness who was with the girl last night when doctors operated on her eye.

“They’re just waiting for her eye to settle down to see what is going to happen, whether she’ll be able to see,” she said.

The remains of fireworks littered the street the day following the accident in the 600 block of West 42 Place, it was unclear who was responsible for the errant bottle rocket.




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  1. me says:

    how do you know they were illegal citizens? you sound like a grouchy old creep. stop complaining about others and just be happy you live in america. some people are such downers!!!

    1. Tempus Nunc says:

      You are reading too much into the post!

    2. INS says:

      C’mon man, are you that naive? Does the last name Rodriguez not give it away! Some people are so blind!

  2. Tempus Nunc says:

    I live in the 91343 zip code and the amount of illegal fireworks I saw in the air was outrageous. Another example of a law that making something illegal, but not enforced – Thanks Devonshire Division!!! With all the satellite technology you would think that these law breakers would be stopped. The morons who set illegal fireworks 100+ feet in the air in a densely populated area have little regard for the health, safety and property rights of others.

  3. MDM says:

    and 95% of you that posted are such racist you all need to dragged n shot!!! it doesnt make sense the story is about a little girl getting hurt and as always some hicks have to be racist. grow the hell up!!!!!

    1. 1stman says:

      Shut up CAC! No one cares what you think, unless you’re native American. Which I’m guessing you’re not. So get out you don’t belong here.

  4. MalcomX says:

    As a black man I have watched illegals start taking over communities, jobs, social services that are intended for legal american citizens. I get along with my fellow latino but totally agree that illegal aliens have to go. It is not fair for legal immigrants who went through the process and for legal citizens who really need the help which is going to illegals. Call me racist if you want but I want all illegals whether it be asian, african, mexican or whatever out and to go through the legal process if they want to be here.

    1. The ripper says:

      Hey ! Will you come work in my farms ? Or your people 🙂
      Let me know if you know any black people that would like to work in my farms in 117 degree weather ? Will u come ?? It seem’s only illegal aliens want to do this job to put food in your table !!!

      1. MalcomX says:

        Why would I work on your farm as I got a degree in business. What you are doing is a form of modern day slavery, paying these illegals low wages with no benefits. Any by the way we already were forced to work on your ancestors farms and don’t wanna go back to that. You should be ashamed for exploiting these people to put food on your table!

      2. James says:

        Malcom X, you have to acknowledge that there are plenty of young African-American men who don’t have business degrees or high-school diplomas, for that matter. What if a job as a farmworker paid $12 an hour, as I understand some do? I guarantee you that very few young unemployed African-American men or women would sign up for such a job, even if it paid $12 or $15 an hour. When I worked at a fast-food restaurant in the late 1980’s, we desperately needed English-speaking employees to work the register and drive-through window, but no white suburban kids wanted to work at Jack-in-the-Box, and most of the people who applied for work didn’t speak enough English to work the register. There’s no easy solution; our whole society relies on this type of labor, and few American citizens are willing to do such work, regardless of the pay Your response is evidence of this, and the fact that a healthy, young American citizen would rather sell drugs, sponge off a relative, or milk our unemployment system is shameful.

    2. Rodrigo Alvergue Breucop says:

      I am Latin, all legal, so if illegal PEOPLE, not aliens, have to go you do to then right, you are black, you came from Africa, how does that sound?? a black dude being racist, that is what you are, if all illegal PEOPLE, have to go then start swimming back to Africa dude……………..and no, i am not mexican, since all of you black people swear only mexicans speak Spanish, ….. like I said start swimming back to africa childish dude…

      1. 1stman says:

        I see nothing wrong with what Malcolm said he doesn’t sound racist. I think he’s just frustrated with the situation. If more Latino people did like him and got themselves a degree they could change the view of some people not all, but some.

  5. Ahmed says:

    Being from Morroco I went through the process and came here legally, went to school and got my degree and I think it is totally unfair that illegal aliens get a free pass. I learned english as it is the language of this great country but I see no effort by illegal people who spit in the face of the United States and wave their countries flag when they should be waving the US Flag. I wish I could bring my whole family here as well but that is not how it works and these people have given bad name to legal immigrants who appreciate this great country and all that it offers

    1. jaided says:

      your from morroco the other side of the country if your family was in mexico they would be here with u already.

  6. LisaM says:

    1stman calls people out for being racist but he is just as racist. I don’t want illegals here and that does not make me a racist but your hatred for the white man makes you a racist. Whatever point you try to make is lost in your racism. Give me a good reason why illegals keep breaking the law with no reprocussions? Look at the posts and you are in the minority.

  7. TomV says:

    Why do people defend illegals with no valid reasoning to my question. Why should my taxes support people who are here illegally? I guess they don’t know the meaning of the word illegal. Don’t get mad that this is no longer mexico as no one here today had anything to do with that. It is like the black man hating the white guy for slavery but no white person here today has owned slaves. Think logically and look what illegals are doing to the economy and look past your own racism. You want a free pass for all your people? Keep dreaming.

  8. Juan says:

    As a legal mexican immigrant I hope 1stman is not latino because I am ashamed on his attitude as his racist views bring him down to the level of the people he hates so much. It is not fair to myself that I came here legally and all these illegals want instant citizenship. They are breaking the law but they do not want to hear it and demand citizenship. That is not how it works. This is not your country and you have to follow the rules if you want to be part of the american dream like myself.

    1. jaided says:

      your parents would be proud of you. i would kick your ass if u were in my family. never forget your roots, never forget where u came from.

  9. 1stman says:

    btw to those that are wondering my race= HUMAN

    1. Bill Eagleman says:

      Cool map my friend. I don’t hate the white people today but their ancestors slaughtered my people and no I don’t buy the thanksgiving b.s. of the pilgrims sitting down with the indians for a feast. That is just propoganda to cover up what was an ugly sight of killings and raping of my people and their land. I cannot hate the people today for what happened in the past but if they knew the real story maybe they would not hate as much as they do and respect people for being people and not judge by race.

  10. Reality Check says:

    This illegal problem has a lot to do with US policy. If we cannot protect our own border from unarmed people, that is a shame. We can easily stop this by sending the military to the border but we are too worried about protecting other countries on the other side of the world. The plain fact is the US exploits illegals and does want them here but will never admit it. How can the most powerful country in the world not stop peasants on foot with no arms. Everyone complains about illegals but no one complains about the cheap services we get do we? We can’t be hypocritical and could really stop this if we wanted to.

  11. tribepride says:

    white people, shush. you have no business calling someone else illegal.
    sincerely, native american resident.

  12. annonymous says:


  13. 18st says:

    me and my homeboys stay on GR!!! thats right u fools are paying taxes and all were doing is buying guns for the hood and drugs everytime we get OURmoney on our EBT ..jajajaj fools I DONT give a damn wat u fools think.

    1. Ashamed says:

      You keep thinking that way and throw your life away. They only give you enough to survive and you will never come out ahead and end up dead or in prison. You had the opportunity to go to school and get a degree and live in a nice neighborhood where your kids can grow up in but you threw it all away. Stay on GR and stay grounded, what a life!

    2. 1stman says:

      What a stupid mentality to have. Which is why I have no sympathy when one of you roaches dies or gets killed. It’s people like you that make the hard working tax paying immigrants look bad. Though it shouldn’t be that way but it is. How about you do us all a favor and kill yourself already and take your “homeboys” with you.

  14. jaided says:

    the rich get richer and the poor get poorer. if ur in the poor section your just like an illegal asking for help whatever way u can even if that requires help from the government. every race gets help from the government. u telling me their is no white trash out their colllecting food stamps weighing 600 lb and cant work.

  15. BD McGee says:

    Can all non-whites please leave the country in an orderly fashion immediately?
    That is all.

    1. OCWhiteGirl says:

      This is the smartest post I’ve read.

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