LOS ANGELES (CBS) — Crowds around the nation were still cheering the news of the death of Osama bin Laden on Monday, but many in the Southland say they still want proof that the elusive al-Qaida leader is really dead.

KNX 1070’s John Brooks reports some surprise at the number of people who want the government to provide the public with irrefutable evidence after elite American forces claimed to have killed bin Laden in Pakistan.

“It’s good that he’s dead,” said on former Navy man who was serving during the Sept. 11, 2001 attacks on New York City and Washington, D.C. “I’ll never forget when the towers came down.”

Another man expressed doubts about the timing and the authenticity of the announcement, which he called a “stunt” to deflect public opinion.

“It made everybody happy in the midst of $5 gas…Everybody’s acting like the Cubs won the World Series and storming the White House,” he said.

“They’re just a bunch of ‘sheeple’,” he added.

While many are satisfied that the accused mastermind behind the 9/11 mass murder is now dead, there are lingering questions in the so-called “alternative news” community, including:

Still, at least for one Angeleno, saying goodbye to a familiar face of evil was entirely welcome.

“Finally, we got him! Finally…he deserved more than death. I’m happy,” he said.

What’s your reaction? Sound off on the reports of bin Laden’s death.

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Comments (34)
  1. Thomas Bleming says:

    The real proof that he’s dead will be when his fingerprints
    are sent to interpol to be studied to see if they really got the right person.
    Seems strange that with all the negative news coming in, from all over, we receive word that Bin Laden has been finally dealt with.
    If in fact he’s dead it will be a major set back for Bin Laden’s organization

    1. myla seidel says:


  2. Fernando says:

    Wow! That alternative news section! That is why we had to do this operation by ourselves, under the radar without Pakistan’s knowledge. Let’s get our money back from them and balance the budget!

  3. Pat Mitchell says:

    Of course he’s dead! Do you think the administration would risk announcing the news, only to have Osama surface in a new video in which he states, a la Mark Twain, “the reports of my death have been greatly exaggerated”? Osama’s dead – count on it!

    1. Travis says:

      The question is not weather he’s dead, it’s how long has he been dead. I was told by a military personnel officer he’s been dead for awhile and they were just waiting to unveil the death at the right time. What “the right time” means I’m not sure, but what ever it is I don’t think it’s in the American people’s best interests.

  4. RDC says:

    WHERE’S HIS DEATH CERTIFICATE? Someone call The Donald!

  5. beachbum says:

    Now that bi Laden is dead we can get back to the really important issues like Obama’s birth certificate and who won on DWS. There will always be wingnuts spewing nonsense about conspiracy theories. Boy I wish Palein had made it she would really know how to run a military operation, if not she could always ask for help from Trump. God help us.
    Semper Fi!

  6. catch22 says:

    The right won’t be convinced because this didn’t happen on Bush’s watch.

  7. Mike says:

    A better question is will we still have to take our shoes off at the airport now? As far as being convinced, I want proof for when the muslim-conspiracy theorists start rumors that he’s still alive.

    God bless our Navy Seals!

  8. The Big Logic says:

    Still another shadow move by the imposter. Make him dissappear quickly by conforming to muslim tradition. Everything this marxist does has some kind of secrecy to it. He’s not bright enough to to all this on his own, so you can bet this administration is loaded with undercover ops.

  9. Santa Monica Resident says:

    I would like to see photos of the corpse. Then I will believe it !!

  10. Voice of Reason says:

    Why haven’t they shown pictures of his body as they did when Sadam Hussein was killed? I’m not so sure about the killing of Bin Laden. I think its just a publicity stunt for Obama to win points with the public for the upcoming election. Government officials will do anything to win an election.


    100% Agree. It is all in the timing people. 2012 is right around the corner and Obamas numbers where lower then my dogs IQ so why not feed us a bunch of bull that makes us start to believe in him again.
    Trick us once, shame on him, trick us twice, shame on us! 2 years and nothing but now within the last two weeks; we see his so called birth record and now the end of Osama.

    Believe? Sorry, not this American

  12. Winning-Winning says:

    Wag the Dog!
    Does anyone remember when the PLAY started? and I say play, because we have all been played. It followed the movie side by side, this act three. The only thing that I saw from this was that there might be hope in the people. Enough people bugged about the Birth Certificate, and THEY (LIVE) delivered, and then on some sound stage we filmed an abandoned room as the only evidence. And this is not for Obama to be re-elect, it is to begin the campaign for Jed Bush to be president. This is the wolf in sheep’s clothing. Remember that these presidents are not elected, but SELECTED. WAKE UP! WAKE UP! WAKE UP!
    Start asking why plane are crop dusting us, and with what? We all see and we all just accept it! WHY! It’s in our air. Stop watching the distraction the TELL-A-VISION, and start to demand answers. Why is GAS so high? WHY? Why are fish, and birds just suddenly dying without explanation?


      If Jed is SELECTED we are all doomed but it would make since in their grand scheme of things.


      If Jed is SELECTED we are all doom but it would make since in their grand scheme of things.

    3. Human waste says:

      It’s amazing how many people really believe Obama was bad and was responsible for the 9/11 attacks…just by word of the press! Isn’t there a saying “there is no greater enemy than the enemy from within….With a gov. with so much money….so much fire power….what control they can do to the world even the control of their own people….I’m talking about THE USA! who has weapons of mass destruction???? the men in sandles and ak47’s from the early 70’s??? yeeeaaaa right! LOL! USA…..LOL!

  13. Thomas Bleming says:

    The stupid and dumb Goy are being fed lies on a daily basis.
    How many more are to be wasted, fighting THEIR wars for THEM?
    Don’t look for the American people to rise uo and say ‘NO’
    to THEM.
    Only thing they have working against them, big time, is more natural disasters, which is going to bring their house of lies and deceit down.
    That nuke plants a kickin’ a..
    on the whole planet, Yellowstone is another big ‘event’ to think about.
    California’s San Andreas fault and New Madrid fault, two gigantic mega-quakes heading to the finish line and if just
    one of these occurs then that’s going to be the end of them and this corrupt,rotten system.
    Don’t waste yor time voting for anyone. The system will never allow for a truely honest person to become president.
    Look what happened to JFK.
    They killed him and Oswald was the patsy.


      Yep, don’t believe a word they feed us!

    2. Winning-Winning says:

      By the way the weather= HAARP. Remember that movie with Mel in which NASA had a earthquake machine. After Japan’s big one Toyota dropped as number one car manufacture and GM became number one, hmmmm? Really


    So now we will be so called attacked by Al-Qaeda seeking to retaliate and round and round we go people. Feed us a line just like 911 that gives us reason to believe we need to act. I think the ones we need to fear are the ones feeding us this bull.

  15. Thomas Bleming says:

    The real terrorists are our own leaders.
    Look what they just did in Libya to Gadaffi’s son and his three grandchildren.


      I know, thought we where there only to take out their Airfields and weapons and not to blast away on

  16. Thomas Bleming says:

    The real terrorists are our own leaders.
    Look what they just did in Libya to Gadaffi’s son and his three grandchildren.
    They used U.S.maufactured bombs to kill them.
    Obama should hold his head
    down in shame for what he got us involved in over there in Libya.
    This was/is a terrorist act.


      Sad to say but he will be deemed a hero for the Osama lssue.
      People forget to soon the pack of lies that we get out of him and rest of our leaders.

      Back a few months ago a mysterious missile was launch off the southern California coast was caught by CBS affiliate KCBS’s and no one, not even the Pentagon could come up with an answer for 4 days and then they claimed it was water vapour trails from an airplane. Strangely the helicopter and the pilot who captured the footage had a freak accident two day later and had to make an emergency landing. This story, came and went in less then a week because our leaders just swept it away, funny how we can air the mayhem of Charlie Sheen & Lindsay Lohan for weeks on end but something like a missile of our coast is nothing to worrie about.

      1. doomer says:

        I agree! funny how some stories just “disappear” and others linger for ever! Funny how that youtube video of US miltary attacking what at first seemed to be “terrorist” but turned out to be 2 American journalist and kids……who were killed….that story…poof! Everyone here really thinks osama was the cause of 9/11 yet they dont even know the guy! …and everyone thinks that this will for sure end the terrorist attacks LOL! if anything it has awakened a sleeping giant and it will be our next generation that will have to deal with it….yea….smart to kill and praise the death of someone folks dont know enough about except what is told by the media…

  17. True Patriot says:

    The pothead crackpots have taken over this board. Go some more weed, read Chomsky, Mike Davis, Zinn…and then go fellate Jeff Rense some more.

    1. Winning-Winning says:

      OK then tell us what they are spreading in the sky, and why gas $5.00 per gallon? I am not even being sarcastic, I would like a smart answer, from anyone. And not that all planes leave that trail of smoke.


        Winning, where are the sprading things in the sky?
        You know, I have heard a lot of people claiming to be overly sleeply lately with out any good reason.

  18. Winning-Winning says:

    OK so I found out why the fish and birds are dying? Chemtrails. Hey, let’s start finding these terrorist that are flying over us right now!

  19. Winning-Winning says:

    OK, I just kidding about everything. This is a day of celebration, and those who died on 9/11 may now rest in peace. And we should pray that those victims families may put this chapter in their life to peace.

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