Amazon's Alexa is Now BilingualAmazon says its Alexa enabled devices now offer a setting for the Spanish language. This mode allows the user to get an answer in the same language as the question.
2 On Your Side: Maserati RentalA disabled veteran with only one leg is fighting a hefty credit card charged for a Maserati rental.
2 On Your Side: Technology Hopes To Keep Pedestrians Safe, But Challenges RemainAutomakers are adding technology to vehicles to help keep pedestrians safer, but a new study released by AAA says there is still a lot of work to be done. Kristine Lazar reports.
2 On Your Side: Elevator BreakdownPeople who live at a hotel on skid row have been without a working elevator for weeks - and that's left some seniors and the disabled confined to their bedrooms.
2 On Your Side: Compton Pothole Problems UpdateKristine Lazar reports new emails have been uncovered from Compton city leaders who were supposed to fix the problem.
2 On Your Side: City Emails Shed Light On Compton's Pothole Problem2 On Your Side's Kristine Lazar put in a public records request and uncovered new details about the city's handling of residents' pothole complaints.
2 On Your Side: Parents Seek Help Following Spike In Fights At Apple Valley SchoolA group of parents is concerned after learning from their children what happens at their Apple Valley school. The parents say they've talked to the school about bullying, but nothing seems to change. Kristine Lazar reports.
2 On Your Side: Fastrak TroublesAn Orange County couple says the express lanes are taking a toll on their wallet - and their sanity.
2 On Your Side: Health Care CostsCalifornia is third in the U.S. when it comes to spending on health care. Kristine Lazar has some tips on how to save.
2 On Your Side: Utility Bill ControversySome customers of SoCal Edison are bracing for their highest bills yet - and it's all due to an issue with the utility's billing system.
Homeowners Living In High-Risk Fire-Danger Areas Are Facing An Insurance CrisisInsurance companies are now dropping homeowner policies or dramatically raising the rates of those living in high-risk fire-danger areas. Kristine Lazar reports.
2 On Your Side: Fire Insurance ComplaintsHomeowners living in high fire danger areas are facing an insurance crisis as companies drop them from their policies - or dramatically raise their rates.
2 On Your Side: Hospital Bill BoondoggleLawmakers are looking to tackle these surprise medical bills where patients get stuck with a bill if they get emergency care in an out-of-network hospital - some of which can bankrupt people.
2 On Your Side: Airbag RecallMillions of recalled airbags are still on the road. Find out if your vehicle is affected.
2 On Your Side: Airbag Deployment LawsuitA class action lawsuit filed this month claims millions of cars on the road could have a potentially deadly airbag defect.
2 On Your Side: Wheelchair Delivered Without Necessary PartA San Fernando Valley man waited more than a year for a new wheelchair, but once it was delivered, he realized he couldn't use it. Kristine Lazar reports for 2 On Your Side.
2 On Your Side: Wheelchair FightJudy Proctor was ready to retire from nursing, but she just had one more thing to accomplish: a new wheelchair for one of her favorite patients.
Residents Urge City To Maintain Tree-Lined Streets After Branches Fall DownL.A. residents are urging the city to more regularly maintain tree-lined streets after large branches continue to plummet down, but city councilmembers say there is not enough funding. Kristine Lazar reports.
2 On Your Side: Virtual Kidnapping ScamSpam calls can be annoying - and even terrifying. Thieves are targeting families and their loved ones with a new twist on an old scam. Kristine Lazar has more.
2 On Your Side: Trash Truck TroubleA Van Nuys man says his car was totaled by a city sanitation truck. Kristine Lazar has more.
2 On Your Side: Happy Ending To Contractor Nightmare StoryIt started out as a construction nightmare when a couple lost $16,000 to a contractor. After Kristine Lazar reported for 2 On Your Side, Yvonne Williams and her pastor husband, E.L. Williams, who had had a stroke, had viewers and a new contractor come to the rescue.
2 On Your Side: HOA Fines Widow For Upgrade Made 18 Years AgoA Ventura County senior says her HOA is going after her for something than was done nearly two decades ago. CBS2's Kristine Lazar reports.
2 On Your Side: RobocallsLast month, Americans received more than four billion robocalls, but new app Firewall is hoping to stop illegal robocalls from getting through. Kristine Lazar reports for 2 On Your Side.
2 On Your Side: Family Receives Wheelchair Accessible Home Renovations After Unlicensed Contractor Scams ThemYyonne Williams thought she had found a contractor who would do about $16,000 worth of work to make her home wheelchair accessible for her husband after he suffered from a stroke, but the contractor scammed the couple. After a lawyer saw her 2 On Your Side story, their luck changed. Kristine Lazar reports.

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