LA Restauranteur Receives 1.5M From North Carolina-Based Bank As Other Business Owners Wait For Payroll Protection Program LoanRestauranteur Emil Eyvazoff figured his chances for a loan were slim so he found a small bank based out of North Carolina that only does small business loans.
Small LA Businesses Struggle To Receive Loans As Ruth's Chris, Shake Shack Receive MillionsBusinesses affected by the coronavirus shutdown have been urged to apply for loans, but some small local businesses are not getting as much help as their bigger counterparts.
Number Of Americans Halting Mortgage Payments Jumps Over 1K Percent, Some Banks Expect To Be Repaid QuicklyOver the last month, the number of American mortgages in forbearance — meaning the homeowners have arranged with their bank to stop paying their mortgage — has jumped more than 1000 percent.
Sports Ticket Refund Policies Vary During PandemicFans with tickets to sporting events that now hang in limbo due to the coronavirus pandemic are receiving pushback when asking for refunds.
2 On Your Side: Theme Parks Extend Expiration Dates, Halt Monthly Payments For Ticket HoldersAs theme parks across Southern California remain closed under Gov. Gavin Newsom's orders banning all mass gatherings, many season pass holders are left wondering what happens to the days they have missed out on.
2 On Your Side: LA County Board Approves Relief Fund For Small Businesses Impacted By CoronavirusThe Los Angeles County Board of Supervisors Tuesday unanimously approved motion to establish a public-private relief fund for small businesses hurt by the coronavirus outbreak. Kristine Lazar reports.
2 On Your Side: Photo Used Without Permission In Facebook Ad, Claims 4 Family Members Died Of COVID-19Eight years ago, the Ancich family had a professional photo taken for their holiday card, but last week that photo showed up again — this time in an ad on Facebook. The ad was for a face mask and stated that all but the youngest son had died of COVID-19.
COVID Nurses Who Asked For Protective Gear On Social Media Placed On Unpaid LeaveNurses who posted about a lack of PPE at their hospital were placed on unpaid leave. Kristine Lazar has more.
Rent Payments Coming Up For Small Businesses Forced To CloseBrilliant Smile, a dental office in Thousand Oaks, is out of business for the first time in 20 years after being forced to shut down two weeks ago. Kristine Lazar reports.
2 On Your Side: Coronavirus Grocery ShoppingA viral video is showing grocery store shoppers how to safely unpack their bags during the coronavirus pandemic.
2 On Your Side: DMV Concerns During Coronavirus PandemicThe coronavirus pandemic has changed almost every aspect of day-to-day life including at the Department of Motor Vehicles with a number of Angelenos concerned about expiring licenses or registration. Kristine Lazar reports.
2 On Your Side: Relief For Renters, Homeowners Impacted By Coronavirus PandemicWhat options are out there for renters and homeowners struggling to pay monthly bills as a result of the coronavirus pandemic? Kristine Lazar reports.
2 On Your Side: Relief For Workers In Wake Of Coronavirus PandemicWhat economic relief options are available for workers in California? Kristine Lazar reports.
2 On Your Side: Price-Gouging CrackdownPrice-gouging is against the law - but that hasn't stopped some people from trying to cash in on people's panic. Kristine Lazar has more.
2 On Your Side: Coronavirus Price GougingIn the wake of the coroanvirus outbreak, people are reselling masks, hand sanitizer and other sanitary products at as much as 1000% retail value. Kristine Lazar has more.
2 On Your Side: Changing Travel Plans Due To Coronavirus ConcernsTravelers attempting to cancel or rebook plans due to concerns over the coronavirus outbreak are reporting mixed results in being able to secure full refunds or no-charge changes. Kristine Lazar investigates.
2 On Your Side: Does All That Lottery Money Really Go To Schools?The state auditor says the California Lottery has not been paying its fair share and now owes public schools $36 million. Kristine Lazar investigates.
2 On Your Side: Senior Citizens Earn $2.25M Settlement Against Montrose Landlord Over Broken ElevatorsNineteen senior citizens have earned a $2.25 million settlement against their landlord after their on-site elevators went down in their Montrose building, stranding them in their apartments for weeks.
2 On Your Side: Political Text MessagesWith the California primary less than two weeks away, election season is in full swing and campaigners are targeting voters — even by text.
2 On Your Side: Tenancy In CommonThere's a new form of home ownership that promises a more affordable way to buy in Los Angeles. It's called tenancy in common, and it has some very vocal supporters and critics. Kristine Lazar investigates.
2 On Your Side: RobocallsWe all get them - and we all hate them. But could you be making money off those annoying robocalls? Kristine Lazar has more.
2 On Your Side: Is Facial Recognition Technology A Threat To Privacy?Facial recognition software is here and already being used around the world by law enforcement and government agencies. It's designed to protect you, but some think it's a serious threat to your privacy. Kristine Lazar talks to the founders of one local company at the forefront of this new technology.
2 On Your Side: Facial Recognition TechnologyFacial recognition is no longer science fiction. It's being used everywhere, every day - even without your knowledge. Kristine Lazar has more.
2 On Your Side: Could You Be Overpaying For Overweight Luggage?How accurate are the scales that weigh luggage at area airports? Kristine Lazar investigates.

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