GoFundMe Created For 81-Year-Old Dr. Martens Store Owner After Looters Stole Inventory, Building Caught FireA Fairfax District Dr. Martins store, popular with celebrities like Halle Berry and Sylvester Stallone, was gutted by fire, believed to have been set by looters. Now, the 81-year-old immigrant who owns the store is speaking out about why he won't turn in the looters to the police.
Millions Show Support By Participating In #BlackoutTuesday, But Many Say Sharing Image Cannot Be Ending PointUsing the hashtags "Blackout Tuesday" and "The Show Must Be Paused," millions of social media users posted a black square to their accounts following days of unrest over the killing of George Floyd at the hands of Minneapolis police.
2 On Your Side: Stimulus Check Goes Missing In The MailWith so many Americans receiving stimulus checks and unemployment money, postal authorities are warning about increased mail theft.
2 On Your Side: Turbulence Over Flight RefundsWith thousands of cancelled flights, airlines are strapped for cash - and some passengers are having trouble getting refunds.
Pastors Decline To Return To Church Despite Easing Of LA County GuidelinesAs churches across California prepare to reopen, pastor Michael Yearley says Rocky Peak in Chatsworth will remain closed and will continue to livestream services.
Restaurant Owner Says Some Employees Are Hesitant To Return To Work After Making More Money On UnemploymentA Ventura County restaurant owner said he is having a hard time getting back to business because about half of his staff doesn't want to return to work.
Man Finally Receives Unemployment Benefits After Calling EDD Thousands Of Times, Emailing Labor SecretaryOne morning, in a two-hour period, Mike Hardy of San Pedro said he called EDD nearly 400 times and has the screenshots to prove it.
'I Was Shocked': Utility Companies Continue To Charge Businesses For Fees Even As They Remain ClosedSome business owners have been shocked by the utility bills they've received while they have been closed during the coronavirus pandemic.
2 On Your Side: PPP Loans Slow To Reach Small BusinessesAn Inland Empire business wants to know where their Payroll Protection Program money is after they applied and were approved last month.
Concert-Goers Still Struggling To Receive Refunds For Postponed, Rescheduled EventsAlthough concerts and other large events are still months away from returning according to Governor Gavin Newsom, people who have purchased tickets for postponed and rescheduled events are having a hard time receiving refunds.
College Students Develop Website To Help Shoppers Find High-Demand ItemsA group of college students has made life during the pandemic easier with the click of a mouse.
Mother Fined $1K For Entering Manhattan Beach Park Closed During Stay-At-Home OrderA mother is speaking out after being fined $1,000 for taking her children to a park that was off-limits due to the coronavirus pandemic. She was later told she would have to pay the fine plus a $1,500 deposit to fight it.
2 On Your Side: Uncertainty Over College Plans For Fall 2020Incoming college freshman are facing some difficult choices due to the coronavirus pandemic.
Summer Camp Received Millions In PPP Loans Before Refusing To Refund Parents, Filing For BankruptcyA popular summer camp that has filed for bankruptcy while refusing to refund parents who paid ahead of time is said to have received millions in federal loans weeks before filing.
Local Lawmakers Campaign To Add Provision For Independent WorkersAs Congress discusses the CARES 2 Act to bring more relief to struggling businesses and workers, two local lawmakers are campaigning to add a provision for independent workers with mixed-income.
Summer Camp Refuses To Refund Parents Who Paid Ahead Of Time, Files For BankruptcyA popular summer camp has filed for bankruptcy and has told parents who paid ahead of time they won't be receiving refunds.
Redlands Man Helps 8 Local Businesses By Paying Rent, Mortgages For At Least 2 MonthsSo far, Garner Holt has "adopted" eight small businesses, paying their rent or mortgages for at least two months. 
Facebook Group Helps Get Answers From California Unemployment OfficeThe group tackles dozens of topics from benefits exhausted to penalty weeks and ID verification, but perhaps the most commonly asked question is how to get EDD on the phone.
New EDD Call Center Staffed With Employees Unable To File Claims, Frustrations Grow For Those Waiting For FundsEDD admitted that those who answer on their new number are only able to assist with technical help, password resetting, UI Online questions, and general information.
2 On Your Side: Should Homeowners Consider Mortgage Forbearance During Coronavirus Crisis?More than 3.8 million American mortgages have gone into forbearance due to the coronavirus pandemic.
Hair Stylist Warns If Salons Are Not Opened As An Essential Business Stylists Will Beginning Making House CallsA local business owner is campaigning to be labeled "essential" so she, and others in her position, can get back to work.
Car Dealerships Refusing To Take Back Leased Vehicles During Coronavirus PandemicThe automotive industry has slowed massively due to the coronavirus pandemic and as hundreds of thousands of leases are expiring, some drivers are running into problems returning their vehicles.
Independent Contractors Struggle Through Process To Receive Pandemic Unemployment AssistanceCalifornia's self-employed residents have been waiting weeks to tap into the state's unemployment fund and when many went to apply on Tuesday, the process led to frustration instead of relief.
People Waiting On A Stimulus Payment Will Soon Be Able To Contact IRS Agents DirectlyMany Americans are still waiting to receive their stimulus checks from the federal government. Now, the IRS is sending those people letters explaining the hold-up and how to contact agents directly.

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