Student Helps Others Understand That It's OK To Ask For Help
Students leaving high school and heading for college get help in dealing with stress of transition. Amy Johnson reports.

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People Making A Difference: CEO Of Moving Company Determined To Give BackLaura McHolm, co-founder and marketing director at NorthStar Moving, helps a number of charities in a variety of ways. For more information about their food drive, copy this link.
People Making A Difference: Finding Hope After Losing SonThe death of a child often tears a family apart. But one family who lost their son is tonight finding hope for the future. They are giving back to the community that enriched his past. Pat Harvey reports.
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People Making A Difference: Homeless Advocate Lori RichFor many homeless people, pets are their only source of unconditional love. Pat Harvey introduces us to a woman spreading kindness by helping out Riverside street animals and their human companions.
People Making A Difference: Running For A CauseInclusion can have a powerful impact on someone’s else’s life, and a South Bay runner has found a way to include two children from England with her on all of her races.
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People Making A Difference: Veteran Paying It ForwardA World War II veteran repaid an act that began a century ago by picking up the tab at his favorite fast food restaurant for dozens of service members and their families.
People Making A Difference: Infinite FlowA stroke survivor is spearheading inclusion efforts through the power of dance.
People Making A Difference: Random Act Of KindnessA jet-setting travel blogger gave up his first class seat to a soldier who was on his way to serve in the Middle East.
People Making A Difference: Voices Of HopeMeet a woman who's sharing her tremendous love of music with children.
Non-Profit Helping Pet Owners Find Donors For Medical CareFor those who can't afford surgeries or other treatments for their pets, there's someone out there who can help.
People Making A Difference: Dancing DocYou may have seen his moves on Instagram, but one Newport Beach doctor is working to help a little boy who isn't even his patient.
People Making A Difference: Couple's Book Boxes Inspire Kids To ReadJean Chadwick and her husband are opening doors to imagination with book boxes created by The Literacy Club.
People Making A Difference: Animal RescuersYou'll find them crawling through dirt and grime all to save injured animals. Stacey Butler has more.
People Making A Difference: Magical Night GownsMeet a woman who's helping hospitalized children forget their illnesses.
People Making A Difference: Free Animal DoctorIf you can't afford surgery for your cat's broken leg or your dog's cancer, there's someone out there who can. Pat Harvey has more.
Brothers Write Song To Honor Those Battling CancerTwo brothers in the South Bay area are tonight using their musical talents to do good. Making a difference through a song that they wrote. CBSLA's Jo Kwon met with the siblings who are now selling that song to help those battling cancer.
The Miracle Project And Teens With Autism Prepare For Upcoming Play '185 Wilshire: A Love Story'A new play written and performed by a group of young people with autism will soon make its debut in Beverly Hills. Jo Kwon reports.
Kids Learn To Give By Creating Care Bags For The NeedyPreschoolers in Simi Valley stuff bags with personal-hygiene items and water, among other items. Jo Kwon reports.
Manhattan Beach Women Collect Home Items To Assist Victims Of CrimeTwo Manhattan Beach women are collecting blankets, pillows and household items to help victims of crime. Jo Kwon reports.
USC Student Paralyzed In Ski Accident Makes A Difference For Students With Disabilities On CampusWhen a ski accident left USC student Zack Wentz paralyzed from the chest down, he took action by helping students with disabilities on campus. Jo Kwon reports.
Local Teen Lends Helping Hand, Provides Those In Need With Free Medical SuppliesA teenage girl from Granada Hills is giving medical supplies a second life by taking medical equipment from people who no longer need it and giving it to people who do. Jo Kwon reports.
Kids Get Free Orthodontic Services In Granada HillsRick Garcia reports.
Occidental College Students Form Non-Profit To Break Gender Stereotypes In ScienceAn Occidental College senior and her classmates founded the non-profit Boundless Brilliance to make a difference in the lives of young students.
Hospital's Hall Of Hope Brings Comfort To Other ParentsNeonatal ICU wants parents to know there is always hope for miracles. Jo Kwon reports.
People Making A Difference: Gardena Woman Finds Novel Way To Help HomelessVeronica Marella was helping prep a patient for surgery when she came up with a most creative idea. Jo Kwon reports.

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