It’s that dreaded time of the year. The Super Bowl is over, and after you remove yourself from the haze and fog that was brought on by an ingestion of junk food that would make a cardiologist faint, you come to the horrid realization that there is no football left to view until the pre-season in August. You pause for a moment, and realize that said August games are fake exhibition contests, they don’t matter worth a hill of beans, and that the real football season does not actually start until after Labor Day. Of course, this makes you inconsolable. After all, what are you going to do on Sundays?

Don’t fret. For not only did we find something for you to do on that day that you normally reserved for watching football until your legs fell asleep on the couch, we also found a few fun options for you to enjoy during the week; things that are specifically designed to pull you out of that football-related funk of yours. It’s because we care. Read on:

Monday, February 6

Regardless of what you may feel about Ronald Reagan as a politician, there are two things that are impossible to deny; he remains a revered figure amongst certain segments of society, and he would have been 101 on this day. The Reagan Library will be acknowledging both of these items by hosting a special outdoor ceremony commemorating the life and legacy of the nation’s 40th President.
TIME: 10:30 AM
COST: Free (Call Ahead for Reservations)


Tuesday, February 7

You wanna be a hep cat, daddio? Of course you do. So grab your fedora or slip into that vintage dress and get ready to cut a rug to a host of killer-diller tunes ranging from the heyday of the Swing era to the early days of Rock and Roll. It will be a righteous scene, unless you’re a square.
TIME: 8:30 PM
ADMISSION: $8; $6 for students with valid ID

If you find you can’t get enough of that stuff, see our post on Best Swing Dance Clubs in LA.


Wednesday, February 8

The themes of the groundbreaking 1959 drama “A Raisin in the Sun” get revisited – along with characters of the play itself – in this Pulitzer Prize winning tale of social politics. Featuring dark humor and thought-provoking commentary, Clybourne Park challenges the audience to ponder the level of progress that society has made over the course of the last 50 years.

8:00 PM
$30 – $50


Thursday, February 9

This esteemed, internationally acclaimed dancing troupe makes their Southern California debut by bringing the classic Prokofiev ballet to life through stunning choreography and timeless music. Prepare to be swept away by this beautiful interpretation of the classic fairy-tale of fantasy, romance, and princesses that live happily ever after.

7:30 PM
$13.60 – $68

Friday, February 10

If your entire opinion about The Hubble Space Telescope is based on how it initially shot blurry photos, this event will serve well to change your tune. Thrill to the sight of the latest images captured by the mammoth space-bound wonder as it continues its mission to bring the universe to life as never before.

TIME: 7:00 PM
ADMISSION: Adults $3; Students, Seniors & Alumni $2; Children 10 and under $1


Saturday, February 11

Are you ready to make amends with your beloved for spending way too many Sundays watching football on the couch? If so, this popular travelling jewelry show is back in town and ready to help you make amends. Featuring over 70 exhibitors offering various forms of exquisite, wearable gemstones, the faire will give you plenty of opportunities to show your beloved how, deep down inside, you’re thankful that the off-season is upon us. Honestly.

TIME: 10:00 AM – 6:00 PM
ADMISSION: Adults $7; Children under 12 Free


Sunday, February 12

Think that tabloid photography was the product of the sensationalist rags that have haunted the supermarket check-out aisles over the past 30 years? Think again. This fascinating exhibit features about 200 photographs taken by the singularly-named shutterbug, capturing the sometimes lurid and always alluring pulse of mid-century Los Angeles’ glamour and glitz.

TIME: 11:00 AM – 6:00 PM
ADMISSION: Adults $10; Students and Seniors $5; Children under 12 and Jurors with ID Free

Rich Manning is a writer in Orange County. See more of his work at OC Executive.