The Dogs of Temecula Wine Country

August 2, 2012 9:00 AM

miramonte mojo The Dogs of Temecula Wine Country


Temecula Wine Country has gone to the dogs…and one pink tutu-toting pot-belly pig.

These lucky four legged friends of the Valley know how to live the good life traipsing through the vineyards, in and around tasting rooms having their bellies petted or sleeping under a tree. The animals’ owners have said a winery is not complete without a beloved mascot and guests agree.

winery dog featured bella The Dogs of Temecula Wine Country

(credit: Michelle Mears-Gerst)

Europa has a new puppy named Bella. Bella is a cute frisky black and white border collie who loves to have her belly rubbed and will soon be free to roam the vineyards and begin her life chasing rabbits and squirrels.
“Bella brings a total different vibe, a different element to the surroundings when she is here,” said General Manager of Europa Village, John Goldsmith.
Guests who sit and sip on a crisp white wine or bold red should guard their bottles of wine because Bella is known to steal corks.
mojo The Dogs of Temecula Wine Country


MiraMonte Winery owner Cane Vanderhoof also has a new addition to his wine family, a cream colored shaggy 40 pound labradoodle named Mojo who loves to frolic in the water fountains and greet guests at the door.
“Dogs bring a sense of warmth to a winery,” said Vanderhoof. Mojo often walks guests back to their cars.

cougar dogs The Dogs of Temecula Wine Country

(credit: Michelle Mears-Gerst)

Cougar Winery known for its’ yummy, big bold reds has two black Labrador Retrievers, Monte and Mocha ages three and one and a half.
Owners Jennifer and Rick Buffington said their dogs love to greet people but warns guests if they stoop down to Mochas level they may recieve a full wet sloppy facial to go along with the wine.

molly the pig The Dogs of Temecula Wine Country

(credit: Michelle Mears-Gerst)

Wilson Creek Winery and Vineyards guests can easily find one of five dogs and a pig frolicking on the grounds. Rosie and Jerry Wilson said they have a family winery and their Golden Retrievers, Cabernet, Jazz, Chianti, Tipsy and Almond Joy are a part of it.
“People love our pets. When guests visit, they ask about the animals, the wine and then me. In that order,” said Jerry Wilson.
Wilson Creek Winery guests squeal in excitement over Molly a miniature pot-belly-pig who sports a pink tutu. Molly is a scene-stealer and allows children and adults to pet and play with her.
“Molly will be featured on the label of one of our soon-to- be-released wines,” said Rosie Wilson.
sargent The Dogs of Temecula Wine Country

(credit: Michelle Mears-Gerst)

At Palumbo Winery , Sargent is often chasing rabbits and squirrels out among the vines but during the heat of the day, he is nestled on his dog bed in the wine tasting room. Sargent is known to carry his catches of the day with his head held high through the winery to show off.

Michelle Mears-Gerst is a writer in Orange County. Connect with her on Twitter.

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