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With the weather warming up (those random 80 degree days are glorious fun!), Spring seems to be teasing us with intermittent appearances. On those 80 degree days the idea of a Spring salad seems just right. Here are a few places in LA to grab the perfect one.

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Also located in Beverly Hills, Santa Monica, and Downtown

Urth Caffe specializes in locally grown and organic fare, specialty teas, organic coffee and boasts an impressive counter of cakes and other desserts. If you want to try out a great Spring salad orcer the Farmer’s Salad which is made up of locally grown baby spinach with peppercorn dressing, organic tomatoes, french radishes, grilled artichoke, red onion, shaved fennel, glazed pecans and shaved parmesan cheese served with dried fruit and nut bread and butter.

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Based upon the principals of Dr Andrew Weil’s Anti-Inflammatory Diet and Food Pyramid, True Food offers a surprisingly delicious and exceedingly healthy menu with a lot of variety. True food only serves organic, locally grown, and sustainable foods provided by a list of local sources that you can actually see on their website. The salad that you don’t want to miss here is the Mediterranean chopped which has the cucumbers, olives, tomatoes and feta you expect in a Mediterranean salad, but they have mixed it with quinoa, marcona almonds and a lemon vinaigrette that is so simple but truly memorable.
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(credit: Fresh Corn Grille)

also located in West Hollywood

If you love The Ivy but don’t want to pay Ivy prices here’s a little tip, Fresh Corn Grille serves a Fresh Corn Grille Vegetable Salad that is equal to if not better than the Ivy’s version. The folks at Fresh Corn Grille have crafted a delicious salad that includes corn, zucchini, asparagus, scallions, tomatoes and avocado over mixed greens with their house vinaigrette. You can add grilled shrimp, chicken, steak, salmon or tofu if you want more protein. Call and order ahead of time. Their take-out menu is also delicious and convenient.

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Clementine in Beverly Hills is a great place to stop and pick up lunch or order entire meals to go. They feature a number of amazing sandwiches, ready-made salads and ready-to-heat items in the counter as well as an array of delectable desserts. Try the banana cake. It’s divine! Looking for a Spring salad? Clementine’s Lovely Garden Salad fits the bill with arugula, baby spinach and endive, with ruby grapefruit, roasted beets, shallots and toasted pistachios. Its extra tasty if you add avocado.

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California Monster Salads just blocks from 3rd Street Promenade is tucked away on Santa Monica Boulevard so you have to look for it. But it is definitely worth it. You can create your own salads from their infinite list or order one of their own. The Kalifornia Kale is a particularly tasty and crunchy salad featuring kale, red onion, red peppers, dried cranberries and slivered almond. You can choose from any of their dressings including Thai Coconut-Non-Fat Greek Yogurt, Lemon Sunflower with Basil- Tofu Base and Cucumber Wasabi- Buttermilk Base. These are just a few of the unusual dressings they offer.

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