CAPS LOCK IS NOT COOL: Office Tech Etiquette

October 22, 2010 2:00 PM

Office Tech

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Feet Up On Desk 

Let’s face it: we’re living in the information age, and now more than ever businesses must keep up with the ever-increasing pace of technology to stay competitive. Wherever we go, it seems we’re always wired, and many of us prefer it that way, especially when it comes to where we work.

But just because we have more data at our fingertips than at any point in human history doesn’t mean we have to flaunt it. For example, one observance that has grown quite popular recently is “International Caps Lock Day”, a day set aside every October 22 to celebrate (or bemoan) the all-too-common practice of sending emails or text messages in all capital letters — definitely a no-no, unless you never want to receive another reply again.

Here are some other habits you should avoid if you want to make nice with others at your workplace.

textmess CAPS LOCK IS NOT COOL: Office Tech Etiquette

LOL! This Guy Actually Thinks I’m Listening…

This is the electronic equivalent of popping your bubble gum while someone else is speaking either directly or indirectly to you. We all have had our share of long-winded presentations and unnecessary meetings, but sometimes even the most innocent text message can turn a meeting from almost over into a lecture on common courtesy. So why risk it?

office tech3 CAPS LOCK IS NOT COOL: Office Tech Etiquette
Your Desk Is Not A Dinner Table

The traditional lunch hour is gradually becoming extinct, and more employees often opt to eat food at their workspace. But if you’re one of them, make sure you give your computer a thorough wipe-down when you’re done; nobody likes a greasy mouse and crumbs in the keyboard. And don’t forget to pass the potatoes.

office tech6 CAPS LOCK IS NOT COOL: Office Tech Etiquette

For Your Eyes Only

Those employees who work in a cubicle or a more open-office environment know there’s not a whole lot of privacy to be expected at your desk, so if you’re divulging some deep, dark secret on IM or via email, you may want to glance around you first. Some of your colleagues with a little too much free time may be passing by, and it seems like they’re always looking for some reading material…

office tech8 CAPS LOCK IS NOT COOL: Office Tech Etiquette

Caught Right-Clicking Red-Handed

…but just because you deserve a little privacy doesn’t mean you should be streaming movies on Hulu, especially when your boss is around. After all, you’re getting paid to work, not to play, and while everyone deserves a little downtime, you could end up on the unemployment line if you neglect your job duties for the occasional tweet.

office tech2 CAPS LOCK IS NOT COOL: Office Tech Etiquette

“Hey, Look At Me, I’m On A Cell Phone”

So you’ve got the brand new iPhone, complete with “Sweet Caroline” ring tone, and you want the whole office to know. Congratulations. But be warned: if used excessively around your co-workers, your smart phone can eventually make you sound pretty dumb.

capslock CAPS LOCK IS NOT COOL: Office Tech Etiquette

EASE OFF THE CAPS LOCK KEY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Yes, we all thought that one email on the differences between Megan Fox and a fax machine was hilarious, but as we’ve already seen, nobody likes to be yelled at, even in cyberspace. You might be able to better communicate your emotion offline with actual physical expressions rather than letting your keyboard do the talking for you — and your co-workers will be grateful for it.

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