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credit: istockphoto

One of the best things about fall is that pumpkin foods and beverages are available. They are not only delicious but also have the power to remind us of holidays when we were young. And let’s face it, nothing tastes better than pumpkin with cinnamon and nutmeg. From a cheesecake to a margarita here are some of the best ways to get your pumpkin fix in Orange County this fall.

Zov's pumpkin cheesecake (Credit, Gary Schwind)

Zov’s Bistro
17440 E. 17th St.
Tustin, CA 92780
(714) 838-8855

If you want to get a pumpkin fix but you don’t want an entire pie, Zov’s is a good place to go. This single-serve cheesecake is perfect for just getting the little taste of pumpkin that you need without having to share with anyone. The cheesecake is soft enough to melt in your mouth. It also has the right amount of spice. You’ll taste the cinnamon and nutmeg, but the spice aspect is not overpowering.

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Credit: Bruxie

Credit: Bruxie

292 N. Glassell St.
Orange, CA 92866
(714) 633-3900 
Bruxie has two ways for you to get your pumpkin fix, and both are about as good as any pumpkin dessert you’ll ever find. The pumpkin cheesecake Bruxie is a waffle with pumpkin cheesecake filling, candied pecans and a crumbled ginger snap. Maybe you’ve never had a dessert like this at Thanksgiving, but there are always opportunities to start new traditions. The other option is a pumpkin cheesecake shake, which both sounds and tastes like a heap of sin topped with whipped cream and served in a cup.

SOL Cocina's pumpkin spice margarita (Credit: SOL Cocina)

SOL Cocina’s pumpkin spice margarita (Credit: SOL Cocina)

SOL Cocina
251 E. Pacific Coast Highway
Newport Beach, CA 92660
(949) 675-9800 
When you think of pumpkin treats, maybe a margarita isn’t the first thing that comes to mind. That, however, is what you will find at SOL. This surprisingly refreshing margarita is infused with roasted pumpkin puree to go along with Don Julio Blanco, agave nectar, fresh lime juice, pumpkin pie spice and cinnamon on the rim of the glass. It is probably unlike any margarita you’ve ever had, but be warned: it’s the kind of drink that sneaks up on you.

credit: Casey's Cupcakes

credit: Casey’s Cupcakes

Casey’s Cupcakes
303 Broadway St.
Laguna Beach, CA 92651
(949) 715-8245

One of the great things about fall is going to a pumpkin patch. At Casey’s, the Pumpkin Patch Perfection cupcake is quite possibly more appealing than a trip to the place for which it is named. This pumpkin spice cupcake has a pumpkin-maple filling. It is topped with maple-flavored buttercream frosting, graham cracker crumbs, pumpkin spice and gold glitter. This amazing treat is only available in November, but whether you’re getting one for yourself or to take to a Thanksgiving gathering, it is worthwhile.



Bootlegger’s Brewery
130 S. Highland Ave.
Fullerton, CA 92832
(714) 871-2337

A pumpkin ale is something that can divide a room of beer connoisseurs. Some revel in this annual treat while others just aren’t that into pumpkin. A good pumpkin ale can be like a slice of pumpkin pie in a glass, and that is what you’ll find at the Bootlegger’s tasting room. This beer is brewed with pumpkin, cinnamon, nutmeg, molasses and brown sugar. In other words, it’s about as close to a glass of pumpkin pie as you’re likely to find. Head out to the tasting room and enjoy one of these delightful ales when you have the chance.

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