(credit: Steve Cukrov/shutterstock)

(credit: Steve Cukrov/shutterstock)

When it comes to throwing a Super Bowl party, many have their own tips and tricks on what to bring to make it the best. We dug a bit deeper and found a local expert to offer his awesome tips!
Gary Crisp
C2 Imaging
3180 Pullman St.
Costa Mesa, CA 92626
(714) 545-0112

On Super Bowl Sunday, Gary and Julie Crisp will enjoy the game with 500 of their closest personal friends. For the eighth year in a row, the founders of C2 Imaging are hosting a Super Bowl party for active duty military and veterans, including some who fought in World War II. Over the years, it has become a day filled with good food, liquid refreshment and lots of extra special entertainment. “This was a signature event that I wanted to create to humbly thank the veterans for their service. We’ve gotten involved with the Dana Point, fifth Marine Regiment Support Group. We give them a check from this event each year,” Crisp explained. Crisp also took some time to share his thoughts about making a memorable Super Bowl party.

Create Enjoyable Experiences
As host, it is all too easy to shape the party around your own personal preferences. In his annual event, however, Crisp makes sure to put the focus on the guests. He and his organizational teams design activities that will make the military guests happy. “Like any party, you focus on them, who’s coming, what would make them have the most enjoyable experience possible,” he said.

Good Television Placement
At a Super Bowl party, everyone is there to have a good time and, most importantly, to watch the game and the commercials. Television placement is therefore quite crucial. Renting additional sets for the weekend definitely can enhance the experience. At American Legion Post 291 in Newport Beach, the place where the military party is held, they have several televisions brought in. “We bring in about eight large screen TVs; there’s a large one in the central room. It’s very organized. We have the TVs in a certain spot,” Crisp said.

Creative Food Choices
Next to watching the game, Super Bowl Sunday is a chance to enjoy good friends and good food. That can range from tons of wings and chips to something more substantial. For the event hosted by the Crisps, they definitely go above and beyond the call of duty. “For dinner, for instance, we have steak and chicken, mashed potatoes and vegetables and pies. It’s real food that we think people will enjoy. We have a nice lunch menu of hamburgers and hot dogs and beans, all kinds of things,” Crisp explained.

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Elbow Room
With pre-game coverage and the game itself, guests will be at your residence for several hours, but is there enough room for everyone to sit and relax comfortably? In the first years of their party, for example, the Crisps hosted military guests in their home in Coto de Caza. As the event grew, however, the party moved to the American Legion Post 291 in Newport Beach. They also rent out the nearby park. At your party, make sure there are plenty of comfy chairs throughout the house.

Drinking Responsibly
In the weeks leading up to the Super Bowl, grocery stores do a booming business in beer and liquor. It’s always important, though, to watch out for underage drinking. At their event, the Crisps make sure that only those of legal drinking age are served alcohol. They also keep plenty of water and soft drinks on hand. Many of the guests are brought in by bus from Camp Pendleton and get a safe ride home as well. Like the Crisps, make sure your guests have a good time and make it home safely as well.

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