Sonic Boom Alert: SpaceX To Launch NASA Satellite From Vandenberg AFB Saturday MorningVentura County residents may hear several sonic booms when the Falcon 9 rocket returns to earth.
Vandenberg Launches Test Missile Early ThursdayThe launch was originally scheduled for Wednesday morning, but was delayed due to weather.
Unarmed Missile Launched From VandenbergThe 30th Space Wing says the test happens multiple times a year and is not related to any real world events.
SpaceX Launches Several Satellites On Falcon 9 Rocket From VandenbergWhile SpaceX often recovers the first-stage of its Falcon 9 rockets so they can be reused in future missions, it will not be doing so this time.
Mars-Bound InSight Spacecraft Blasts Off From VandenbergIt was the first interplanetary launch from the West Coast, but fog blocked the view for spectators near the launch site.
New Weather Satellite Launched From VandenbergThe satellite is the first of four next-generation spacecraft for NASA and the NOAA.
Ballistic Missile Test Launch Set For Wednesday At VandenbergIt comes less than a week after North Korea launched its second-ever ICBM.
Pentagon: Interceptor Missile Fired From Vandenberg AFB Succesfully Shoots Down Mock WarheadIt has been described as trying to hit a bullet with a bullet-traveling faster than the speed of sound.
Unarmed Test Missile Launched From Vandenberg Air Force BaseThe Air Force says an unarmed Minuteman 3 missile was launched from California in a test of the intercontinental ballistic missile system.
Shark Attacks Kayakers Off Santa Barbara County Coast A group of kayakers issued distress calls twice on Friday near Point Conception after coming under attack from a shark.