Judge Denies LA Police Union Request For TRO Against Vaccine MandateOn Wednesday, a judge denied the request for a temporary restraining order against the city’s vaccine mandate after the union that represents Los Angeles Police Department officers alleged that the order created unfair labor negotiations.
Exclusive: Is In-N-Out Burger Following Local Proof Of Vaccine Rules After Facing Fines In NorCal?After refusing to comply with COVID-19 protocols in San Francisco and shutting it's only location, it is unclear if the In-N-Out Burger will comply with the LA's sweeping mandate requiring vaccine verification from all customers who go inside the restaurant.
Some LAPD Officers Refuse Vaccines Even As Mandate NearsAlthough Los Angeles Police Department employees must get vaccinated to keep their jobs, a group of officers continues to vehemently defy their leadership's orders. 
Businesses And Employees React To The First Night Under New Vaccine MandateMonday, Nov.8, marked the first day that L.A. businesses like restaurants, coffee shops, and salons were required to ask customers to prove they’re vaccinated to sit inside. The ordinance says non-vaccinated customers can still dine outside or take orders to go.
City Of LA Residents React To Upcoming Vaccine MandateThe city of Los Angeles’ new vaccine mandate will begin Monday, requiring customers to be vaccinated in order to patronize indoor businesses. 
LA County's Vaccine Verification In Effect For Bars, Wineries, Breweries, Nightclubs And LoungesCustomers will need to present proof of vaccination against COVID-19 as well as photo ID to enter these establishments.
Lawsuit Representing Nearly 600 LA County Firefighters Alleges Vaccine Mandate Violates Autonomous Privacy RightsA lawsuit filed on behalf of LA County Free Foundation, a nonprofit representing 574 firefighters and other employees, alleges that the county’s vaccine mandate violates the firefighters’ constitutionally-protected autonomous privacy rights.
LASD Fears Losing Over 3,100 Deputies If Vaccine Mandate Goes Into EffectAlthough he is in favor of the COVID-19 vaccines and getting his employees vaccinated, Villanueva is wary of imposing a vaccine mandate, fearing it will cause deputies to resign from his already understaffed department. 
COVID-19 Vaccine Mandate Debate Hits Southland; LA County Health Seeing Rise In CasesIn Orange, residents held a rally to oppose all vaccination mandates. Demonstrators held flags and signs that claimed vaccines are dangerous. Some demonstrators described vaccinations as "experimental injections."
Several LAUSD Staffers At Granada Hills Charter School Are First To Lose Jobs After Not Getting COVID-19 VaccinationGranada Hills Charter said the staffers lost their jobs after confirming they would not get the vaccines.
Parents Keep Students Home To Protest Newsom's State-Wide Vaccine Mandate For All SchoolchildrenSocial media posts called for parents who disagree with the vaccine mandate for students to keep them home from school Monday, in a state-wide protest. There does not appear to be a formal group behind the protest.