UCLA Anderson Forecast: California Expected To Do Better Than U.S. EconomyCalifornia’s economy is projected to grow at a faster pace than the rest of the United States over the next two years, according to the UCLA Anderson Forecast released Wednesday.
Economic Forecast: California Set To Outpace Nation In Job GrowthCalifornia’s unemployment rate will continue to drop over the next two years, and the state will continue to outpace the nation in job growth, according to a UCLA economic forecast released Wednesday.
Economic Forecast: Housing Costs In California Expected To Go Even HigherAn economic forecast released Monday says California housing will become even more expensive over the next two years because construction will be unable to keep up with demand.
Survey: California Real Estate Boom UnderwayA survey released Wednesday says a real estate boom is underway in California, fueled by rising demand from the business community and a shortage of multi-family housing.
UCLA Anderson Forecast Predicts Unemployment Rate Will Continue To FallA new report says California's economy is expected to continue its steady recovery and predicts the state unemployment rate will drop more than a percentage point over the next two years.
Economic Forecast Sees Steady Job Gains On The HorizonHigh consumer confidence and widespread job creation will help California see steady job gains through 2017, according to a UCLA economic forecast released Thursday.
UCLA Forecast: California Economy 'Painfully Plodding' AlongCalifornia’s economy will continue to show steady but unremarkable growth in the months ahead, according to a UCLA economic forecast released Thursday.