Ford, Kavanaugh Offer Contradictory Testimonies On Sex Assault AllegationsRepublican Sen. Lindsey Graham says the Democrats' treatment of Supreme Court nominee Brett Kavanaugh is the "most despicable thing" he has seen in politics.
Kavanaugh Accuser Christine Blasey Ford Agrees To Speak To SenateAlthough Democratic committee staff members usually would participate in these negotiations, Democrats are refusing to do so because they believe that the investigation into the allegations should be conducted by the FBI.
Kavanaugh Accuser Christine Blasey Ford To Testify In Public Senate Judiciary Committee HearingSupreme Court nominee Brett Kavanaugh and the woman alleging he assaulted her in high school will both testify before the Senate Judiciary Committee on Monday, delaying the committee's vote previously scheduled for Thursday.
Senate Given 42,000 Pages Of Kavanaugh Documents Before Confirmation Hearings BeginThe White House previously said that it would not be releasing 100,000 Kavanaugh's records from the Bush White House on the basis of presidential privilege.
Hundreds Rally Against President Trump's Supreme Court PickMany in the crowd said they feared Brett Kavanaugh's extreme-right positions would lead to the end of Roe v. Wade.
Trump Selects Brett Kavanaugh As SCOTUS AppointeeWhy did Kavanaugh get the nod? He has extensive experience working in D.C. courts and its political scene, officials said.
Republican Senator Says She Won't Support Supreme Court Nominee Hostile To Abortion RightsTrump told CNN at the outset of his campaign that he would use Roe as a litmus test for Supreme Court choices, and Vice President Mike Pence likewise said during the campaign that they would see the abortion ruling in the "ash heap of history."
Justice Anthony Kennedy Retiring From US Supreme CourtSupreme Court Justice Anthony Kennedy says he is retiring. That will give President Donald Trump the chance to cement conservative control of the high court.
Supreme Court Rules Against Mandatory Union DuesSuch fees violate "the free speech rights of nonmembers by compelling them to subsidize private speech on matters of substantial public concern," the majority wrote in its decisions. Most legal observers had broadly expected a loss for unions.
Supreme Court Strikes Down Calif. Law For Anti-Abortion Pregnancy CentersThe law required anti-abortion crisis pregnancy centers licensed by the state to tell patients about the availability of contraception, abortion and pre-natal care.
Supreme Court Upholds Trump Travel BanThe Supreme Court upheld President Trump's travel ban case on Tuesday by a 5-4 vote, saying in its opinion that the order is "squarely within the scope of Presidential authority." The 5-4 decision is the court's first substantive ruling on a Trump administration policy.
Supreme Court Rules In Internet Sales Tax Case: States Can Charge Online ShoppersThe 5-4 ruling Thursday is a win for states, which said they were losing out on billions of dollars annually under two decades-old Supreme Court decisions that affected online sales tax collections.
Supreme Court Upholds Ohio Method Of Removing Names From Voter RollsThe Supreme Court on Monday ruled that Ohio's method of removing names from its voter rolls does not violate federal law.
As Supreme Court Considers Wedding Cake Case, More LGBT Issues LoomIn just the past week, two federal courts ruled in favor of transgender students who want to use school facilities that correspond to their sexual identity.
Senator Says Rudy Giuliani Is Wrong -- President Trump Can Be IndictedGiuliani told CNN earlier Wednesday that Mueller's team informed Trump's legal team they had concluded they are not able to indict a sitting president.